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WATCH: Dimwitted Arsonists Light Themselves on Fire in WILD Video

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While we certainly have a whole lot of love in this country for the master criminal type, elevating them to pop culture status in ever-wilder ways, we truly don’t spend enough time explaining to would-be ne’er-do-wells just how rare such a character truly is.

The Tony Montanas and Walter Whites of the world are few, far between, and largely fictional, all while the bumbling burglars and nincompoop crooks of the world continue to sprout like weeds in the cracks of the proverbial American sidewalk.

Our latest evidence of abject boneheadedness comes to us from California, where a pair of wannabe arsonists found themselves on the receiving end of some serious poetic justice.

A video has emerged of two suspected arsonists in California setting themselves on fire during an attack on a business, with one heard yelling “Ahhh!” while trying to escape the scene.

The incident happened early Monday morning at Servicio de Imigracion in Bakersfield. The company provides immigration and naturalization services.

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Footage taken from a Ring security camera begins with two unidentified masked individuals approaching the business and dousing it with gasoline.

One of the individuals then leans over to ignite the gasoline, but once doing so, the sudden and rapid inferno appears to catch both by surprise.

Video of the inflammatory imbeciles was making the rounds on social media this week.

As of this writing, the suspects have not been captured, and no motive is known for their attack.


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