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WATCH: Doorbell Cam Catches Enormous UFO Hovering Over Neighborhood

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The entire UFO phenomenon used to be the sort of thing that the level-headed among us would scoff at.  Little green men and flying saucers just seemed to be too far out there for mainstream science and a majority of the civilized population.

But then something strange began to happen, starting back in the 1980’s and 90’s:  The advent of the home video camera.

Now, as sightings continue to take place the world over, there are more pieces of evidence for these unidentified flying objects than ever, some of which are even being captured when we’re not looking.

Take Matt Doughty, for example, whose doorbell video camera captured something truly remarkable earlier this month.

“I looked at the footage and played it back. It was silent. Three lights came from the sky and I thought it was really weird,” Doughty told the Mirror. In checking an online flight tracker there was reportedly no air traffic in the skies around St Albans, Hertfordshire at that time, leading him to wonder if what he saw could be ET in origin.

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The video has to be seen to be believed:

While UFO’s were largely believed to be disc-shaped during the fallout from the Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1947, a particularly famous mass-sighting case that took place in Phoenix, Arizona in the late 1990’s saw witnesses describing a massive, triangular-shaped craft silently cruising over the city.

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