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WATCH: Drone Footage Shows Tiger Shark CHARGING Unsuspecting Beachgoers

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There are a few archetypal and quintessential vacation tropes that just aren’t going to go away any time soon.  Camping in the woods, a weekend at the lake house, skiing in the mountains.  These are all fine and dandy, but there is nothing that truly holds a candle to the grandaddy of them all:  Beach time.

We love the beach.  From California’s surf and sun to the blue lagoons of Fiji and beyond, our civilization is drawn to the tide in a nigh-instinctual manner, returning year after year to recharge and reconnect with the simplest version of life we can muster.

But for beachgoers in down under, a day at the beach almost turned to tragedy recently…and no one even noticed.

Frightening video recorded by a drone flying over a beach in Australia shows a tiger shark slowly patrolling the water’s edge among numerous people swimming in the ocean.

The video was recorded at the beach by Hillary’s Dog Beach near Perth, Western Australia, and shows the large predator patiently swimming only yards from unsuspecting beachgoers, the New York Post reported.

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Sam Wood, whose drone captured the shocking video, said it worried him.

“I was worried that this could be an attack, and obviously, I was quite scared,” Wood told Aussie media.

Once Wood realized the danger, he quickly went to the beach to warn those in the water.

Luckily, no one was injured in the encounter, but you can see from the video below just how close to tragedy the sun-kissed revelers came.

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