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WATCH: Enormous, 32,000 MPH Fireball Illuminates Sky Over North Carolina

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Given all the tumult and trouble that we have here in the United States, it can be difficult at times to keep ourselves from becoming despondent, perturbed, or even scared for the future.

We are living through a time of political upheaval the likes of which no living American can remember.  Sure, the 1960’s were wild, but what we’re seeing today is far more reminiscent of the 1860’s.

This, combined with the threats posed by international terror, Russia, China, the pandemic, and more, is enough to keep us worried for decades to come.

But, we must never forget that we’re also on a giant rock hurtling through space, and there are far more troubling dangers out there in the universe, waiting to get to us.

The citizens of North Carolina were reminded of that this weekend. 

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The American Meteor Society shared video taken Friday from the porch of a home in Rowland Pond, North Carolina, showing a massive fireball fall from the sky.

NASA says the fireball fell over the North Carolina coast at around 7:40 p.m. and was one of at least five fireballs seen over the U.S. in the same night.

Fireballs are bright meteors categorized as brighter than the planet Venus, according to the society, a nonprofit that monitors meteors.

The video was simply stunning.

The fireball was witnessed by over 80 people, and was estimated to be moving at 32,000 miles per hour when it was captured on tape.


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