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WATCH: Florida Congressman Makes Tasteless Joke About Trump Dying to the Delight of the Crowd



You think Democrats would have found a new schtick beyond simply relentlessly bashing the President, but not only have they not moved on from pure, unfiltered hatred for POTUS, they’re doubling-down on the violent rhetoric.

And by violent, I mean violent.

A Florida Congressman recently joked to a crowd, not in private, mind you, but to an actual crowd of people, that it would be catastrophic if no one let Trump drown were he to fall in the Potomac river.

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I just ruined the punchline, but believe me, it doesn’t land anyway.

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Western Journal reports:

Florida Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings is making waves over a joke he made at a “Stronger Together” rally Sunday in Sunshine, Florida.

The congressman had heard the joke by Ari Silver, the son of former Florida state legislator Barry Silver, and decided to repeat it for the crowd.

“Ari asked the audience the other night in Palm Beach country, he said, ‘Do you know the difference between a crisis and a catastrophe?” Hastings started.

The crowd could be heard chuckling.

“And no one held (up) their hand,” he said, “so Ari answered for us, he says, ‘A crisis is if Donald Trump falls into the Potomac River and can’t swim,’ he says and, ‘and a catastrophe is if anybody saves his a–.’”

The crowd then erupted in laughter.

You can see the moment where Hastings paused for effect, allowing the audience to cackle in delight.

Can you even imagine if anyone had made a joke like this about Obama? The meltdown would have been insane.

And for good reason, really! This man is a Congressman, not some B-list stand-up comedian *cough* Kevin Hart *cough cough*.  It is far, far beneath his office to be joking about letting a sitting President drown. 

It’s also pretty tasteless considering one of his own, the late Ted Kennedy, literally let a girl drown in the Chappaquiddick River when he crashed his car into it while intoxicated.

Do Democrats have no shame, no memory…or are simply so blinded by hatred they see nothing but red?


VIDEO: Armed Shopper Defends Himself from Would-Be Robbers in L.A.

The brazen, daytime robbery was thwarted thanks to the Second Amendment.



One of the more powerful tenets of the right to bear arms has to do with the equality that carrying a firearm provides you. You see, when armed, there is a level of certainty of protection that doesn’t exist within the unarmed community at large.  Should something tragic begin to unfold, the unarmed may find themselves at a severe and dangerous disadvantage, suddenly left with fewer options of recourse than those who are exercising their Second Amendment rights. And to see how this can adversely affect modern society, just take a look at what occurred in Chicago after they disarmed all the law-abiding citizens, leaving only the outlaws to carry weapons. In Los Angeles, they’re not making the same mistake. A man armed with a handgun defended himself during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles, and left two suspects with bullet wounds to the legs, police say. “Words were apparently exchanged, and the victim ultimately produces a handgun, apparently to defend himself and others in his group from the would-be robbery suspects. The victim fired his weapon towards the suspects and then all parties immediately fled the location,” the Los Angeles Police Department recounted in a press release Tuesday. The attempted robbery unfolded Monday on Melrose Ave. when two men exited an idling Dodge Avenger, with one of the men producing a handgun. Video footage shows the men confronting a man with a shopping bag and two women who were standing on the parking lot. The footage was soon shared online:   The wild scene played out amid a backdrop surge of violent crime here in the United States.  

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WATCH: Tom Brady Sacks MAGA with Cheap Shot from the White House

Well that was…something.



As the nation continues to suffer from a political divide that has sparked a number of violent incidents, Joe Biden is enlisting superstar NFL players to drive the wedge even deeper. This week, as the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers engaged in the traditional visit to the White House, one of the league’s most decorated men took a cheap shot at Donald Trump and his supporters with the help of the Commander in Chief. In the middle of his speech — which was a brief 140 seconds long — Brady made a joke that referenced the large number of Americans who did not believe that Biden won last November’s election against the incumbent Donald Trump. “It didn’t look great there at one point. We were 7-5, struggling a little bit, as the President alluded to. But we found a rhythm, we got on a roll,” Brady said. “Not a lot of people think that we could have won. In fact, I think, about 40 percent of the people still don’t think we won.” Biden then interjected: “I understand that.” Brady followed: “Do you understand that, Mr. President?” Biden reiterated: “I understand that.” The remark was soon going viral online. And that wasn’t the only quip, either. The remarks certainly had all the trappings of something whipped up on White House stationary, as PR people try to enlist Tom Brady in a campaign to denigrate the former President’s beliefs about the 2020 election.

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