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WATCH: Fox Turns on Trump with MAGA Montage Celebrating DeSantis

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With the 2022 midterms providing us with a sort of soft starting line for the 2024 election, it has become rather obvious that the posturing has already begun.

For instance, California Governor Gavin Newsom has begun to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a number of television ads that seem to suggest that the west coast lawmaker sees the Sunshine State firebrand as a potential obstacle in his own political path.

And there’s Mike Pence, former Vice President, now openly taking sides in a number of races, some of which put him at odds with Donald Trump, the long-believed presumptive nominee for the GOP.

This week, things took another bizarre turn as well, as Fox News aired a lengthy montage of Trump supporters suggesting that they’d rather vote for the aforementioned DeSantis than the former President.

The incredible montage features a group of Arizona voters who — saved for one identified as Beverly who enthusiastically backed a Trump 2024 bid — all said they wanted to see Trump sit it out next time and identified DeSantis as the person they want to take over the party.

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“I like what he stands for; I like what he does,” said one voter, identified as Jeff. “But he upset too many people, and he upset them really bad. So I don’t think he’s good for the party.”

“At this point, he’s a little too polarizing,” added another voter, identified as Susan. “There are candidates out there – Republican candidates, obviously – that may be able to pull in people that he would lose.”

Then came the second half of the montage:

The second half of the video posed the question: Who should run for president in 2024? And the answer was unanimous: Ron DeSantis.

“One hundred percent DeSantis,” said one voter. “No question about it.”

Another voter, Jason, even pitched a hard-to-fathom premise.

“DeSantis [should] run for president,” he said. “And if he wants to, then, he could pick up Donald as a vice president.”

The surprising video can be seen below:

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