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WATCH: Full-Bodied 'Apparition' Appears in Missouri Dollar General

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During the month of October, Americans often find themselves trending toward the terrifying, thanks to the widely-celebrated Halloween holiday.

Witches, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts are all on the brain this month, as horror movies take over all of the spare space on the airwaves, and orange gourds find themselves suddenly cartoonish and with eye sockets.

This is also the time of the year where we tend to share spooky stories with one another, pondering what grey areas may exist in the realm between the natural and the supernatural.

For shoppers in Missouri, this conversation is happening in a somewhat unlikely place:  Dollar General.

A spooky video from a retail store in Missouri appears to show a full-bodied apparition manifest out of thin air. The remarkable piece of footage was reportedly captured last month in the back office of a Dollar General in the community of Humansville. Shared online by the Humansville Paranormal Society, the footage first features what appears to be a puzzling mist that forms in the air. After a few seconds, however, the substance seems to take on the shape of a person before it wafts across the room and vanishes.

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This isn’t the first paranormal occurrence at the store, either.

According to area residents, the store was built atop the base of an “old brick water tower” and that workers at the store would often report hearing “cooler doors banging shut” as if propelled by an unseen force.

Genuine apparition or digital artifact?  You can judge for yourself below:

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