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Watch: Gen Z Office Worker Claims He Was Fired Over Viral Slam of Secret Santa Gift He Received

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A profanity-laced rant posted to social media about a Secret Santa gift exchange apparently got an employee fired last week.

In a TikTok post on Dec. 19, the young man posted a three-and-a-half minute monologue about the items he received in his office gift exchange.

The spending limit was $60, Jeff (@hittaa_jeff) told his viewers.

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language some readers may find offensive. 

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“One rule … was, don’t bring nothin’ from your house.”

“First, let me show y’all the bag,” he said, holding up a large, reusable, but battered-looking bag adorned with skulls in what appeared to be a Mexican “Day of the Dead” motif.

“She paid more for the bag than she did for the motherf***ing gifts,” he observed.

Inside the bag was a tiny “floating shelf,” so small, Jeff said, it looked like it could only hold an iPhone 14. 

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Examining the label, he said it appeared the item came from Dollar Tree.

Then he held up a large red decorative lantern, partially filled with what looked like a couple of handfuls of fake snow and a few loose, scattered Christmas ornaments.

“I don’t know what the f*** ever my 23-year-old a** is gonna do with this,” Jeff commented. “What is this?”

“It smells like straight cigarettes … It got dust on it … (He paused to blow some of the dust off the top) … The pieces is not even sticking together, like …” he said, staring questioningly at the camera as if waiting for an explanation.

“I’m really ready to quit that motherf***ing job,” he finally said.

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“You picked this s*** up out your motherf***ing garage!” he ranted.

Jeff said the gift he gave his Secret Santa recipient included a “gift card and some essentials.” 

“Not saying that’s what I need, … but b***, you got me some s*** from your garage? If you ain’t never got manhandled, you will tomorrow morning, trust me.” 

That last remark may have been what sealed his fate.

In a follow-up post, Jeff reported that his Secret Santa gift-giver texted him, saying, “[Y]our Secret Santa here just wanted to let you know I came across your TikTok about the gift I gave you. If you weren’t satisfied with [your] gift you could’ve said that. If you don’t like the lantern PLEASE DONT THROW AWAY my grandma gave it to me before she passed it’s a collectible.”

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language some readers may find offensive. 

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Jeff doubled down on his complaints. “If the limit on the flyer received said a min of $60 and no items from your home why would you do the opposite?”

Not only did the co-worker say she wouldn’t speak to him anymore, she blocked his number.

The matter didn’t end there.

“When he showed up to work a couple of days later, Jeff was called into the supervisor’s office,” Daily Dot reported. “In the meeting, the supervisor took Jeff’s time card, key to the building, and fired him. Jeff said the supervisor cited his tardiness as a reason.”

But conversations with other people at the office pointed toward his social media rant  — which at the time had garnered 1.5 million views — as the real cause for his newly unemployed status.

“The company saw your TikTok about your Secret Santa present,” another supervisor told him, the Daily Dot reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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