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Watch: Hero Dog Spots Threat, Knocks Toddler Out of Way, Then Takes Down Aggressor in 8 Seconds Flat

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In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a young boy can be seen being charged by a pair of large dogs, with no one there to immediately help him.

Well, he didn’t have a person to help him.

Another dog, presumably the boy’s, pretty strenuously objected to the attack– and with incredible results.

The boy’s dog ran off the attackers in right around eight seconds. You can check out the video below:

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In the video, a child can be seen running in what is presumably his front yard with his dog.

The yard has a small ditch before it reaches the street, and the child and dog ran there. After a couple of seconds, the boy can be seen looking off-camera.

All of a sudden, the dog bulldozed the child before standing over him.

Did you like this story more than the news and politics you mostly see online?

Two dogs come flying after them, and the boy’s dog switched from “play” to “mess around and find out” almost instantly.

The boy’s dog single-handedly routed the first attacker in a matter of seconds. It might actually have been less than eight seconds — it’s ludicrously fast. The other dog doesn’t even come close to touching the boy.

The movie ends with the boy being carried away by a woman — presumably a family member — and a man herding off the attacking animals.

Translated from the Turkish, the tweet reads: “Dear friend, something like this …”

Man’s best friend can really come through when the rubber meets the road.

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As a point of fact, here’s a fun story for you. As I sat here writing this story, I was called outside by my wife.

She was letting our dogs out to do their business, and the neighbor’s dog broke out of its fence and started behaving extremely aggressively toward my family.

By the time it was over, he would lunge at my wife, exchange chases with one dog, and completely bowl over the other one, who’s too elderly to garner much attention for herself in a fight.

Guess who stayed between my wife and the aggressive outsider until we ordered him in the house?

We didn’t train him to do that. He just did it.

He also seemed a little confused about why he was being buried in treats later in the evening, but he didn’t complain.

They really are mankind’s best friend.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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