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WATCH: Hillary Clinton Says Electoral College is “Troubling”, “Old System”

It’s like watching a car wreck, it’s so incredibly painful to watch and yet…you just can’t look away.



Oh my goodness, when is someone going to tell this woman to stop talking.

For her own sake.

Doesn’t anyone out there care?

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It’s like watching a car wreck, it’s so incredibly painful to watch and yet…you just can’t look away.

Behold, the least popular presidential candidate in American history slowly crashing and burning as she refuses to comes to terms with her loss.

Hillary’s latest dance around every single reason she lost the election other than a bad campaign run by a terrible candidate is now circling around the electoral college, you know, the voting system that Democrats smugly defended before the election when Trump voters were worried it would cost him the presidency?

Yeah, that electoral college.

Well, it’s why Hillary lost, and for good reason, as it served its intended purpose of giving people living in sparsely populated states a bigger voice than the millions of people packed together into one, condensed, ideologically monolithic city like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

“I know this is another really obvious thing to say. Vote in every election, not just presidential elections,” Clinton said at Harvard University, in a clip flagged by NTK Network, according to The Washington Free Beacon. “You know, it is maddening because one of the panelists said we get the government that we vote for. Now, we have this odd system with the Electoral College.”

“But nevertheless, we’ve got it. I’ve been against it, by the way, since 2000,” she was sure to mention, throwing a casual “Not that you need to know that” in there for good measure.

“I have been, because I just think it is absolutely contrary to ‘one person, one vote.'”

Again, I didn’t hear her complaining back in 2016 when she was heavily favored to win the Electoral College.

Funny how that works.


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