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WATCH: Inflatable Rudolph Mauled by Bear in Nevada Front Yard

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It is time once again for a great debate in America:  How soon is too soon to begin celebrating that Christmas season?

For many, Christmas is the greatest time of the year, and they are thrilled to see wreaths and lights on store shelves before the Halloween candy even gets discounted.  Others tend to bristle at the idea of Old Saint Nick stepping on Turkey Day’s toes, and refuse to participate in the yuletide decorating blitz until the calendar flips officially to December.

Now, one homeowner in Nevada may start waiting until all of the local bears are hibernating to set out his holiday decor.

A Christmas display outside of a residence in Nevada is less one Rudolph after the inflatable reindeer wound up on the wrong end of a battle with a bewildered bear. According to a local media report, the peculiar incident occurred last Saturday in the community of Zephyr Cove, where homeowner Dave Lester had recently kicked off the holiday season by putting up some decorations in his front yard. Alongside inflatable versions of Santa, an elf, and a Christmas tree was the iconic red-nosed reindeer, which apparently looked close enough to the real thing that it wound up becoming the target of a bear passing through the neighborhood.

The bear was rather confused.

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Recounting his discovery of the ‘carnage’ left behind from the encounter, Lester wrote on Facebook that he “woke up this morning to Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive. No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive him.” A subsequent check of his home security camera showed the amusing moment when the bear attempted to maul the inflatable reindeer, which displayed such remarkable resiliency that it seemed to leave the creature rather confused. Despite repeatedly pawing and biting at the piece and even taking it to the ground, Rudolph continuously pops back up to a standing position until the aggressive animal finally gives up the fight.

Video of the unique incident can be seen below:


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