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WATCH: Is This Green Fireball Really a Secret Russian Space Weapon?

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Over the course of the last two years, the relationship between the United States and Russia has been more than bit tumultuous.

At the tail end of Barack Obama’s lame duck term, the now-former President made a bold move in dispelling a number of Russian diplomats from their posts within the United States.  The reason stated had to do with Russia’s alleged interference in our 2016 presidential election, in which Obama’s democratic successor Hillary Clinton was roundly rejected by We The People at the polls.

Since that time, now-President Trump has been working to repair the damage done, with some success, but that doesn’t mean that Vladimir Putin couldn’t be up to his old tricks still.

One of the most prominent concerns regarding Russia has been their apparent attempts to make “unstoppable” weapons, such as hypersonic, atmospheric missiles incapable of being intercepted by conventional missile defense systems.

Now, a strange video from the enormous nation shows a streaking, green fireball lighting up the sky just above a should-be-secret facility.

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The bright flash and streaking tail was seen by stunned motorists close to the research town of Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk, Russia.

 The green flash may have been an asteroid coming to earth

The green flash may have been an asteroid coming to earth

Research institutes in the area are dubbed Vladimir Putin’s “secret weapon” in the global hi-tech arms race.

Just six miles away is Koltsovo, home of a secretive institute Vector – the repository of the planet’s most deadly diseases and viruses, including smallpox, Ebola and Marburg.

The video was downright spooky.

There are no prominent meteor showers believed to be occurring at this time, adding another air of mystery to the situation.


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