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WATCH: Kim Jong Un Stars in Looney 'Top Gun' Propaganda Video

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It is rare that we’d take a look at the work of the North Korean government and think to ourselves, “wow, what a great idea”.  This is, after all, a petty and half-incompetent dictatorship whose citizens are routinely seen harvesting grass from the local parks in order not to starve.

But, despite the massive and ongoing humanitarian issues in the DPRK, they still seem to find the resources to create some of the most mind-numbingly bizarre propaganda the world has ever seen.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has gone Hollywood in a video highlighting his newest missile launch.

The U.S. condemned Thursday’s test launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile and hit North Korea with new sanctions.

But Kim heralded the test as a show of force that would deter future U.S. military moves while he ironically imitated one of the biggest American military touchstones: In a leather jacket and aviator shades, Kim drew comparisons to Top Gun in a video promoting the test to the public.

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The critics were not kind to him, however.

Some commentators suggested he looked more like South Korean pop star Psy, the singer of the megahit Gangnam Style.

You can see the video in all of its insanity below:


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