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Watch: MSNBC Panel Seemingly Confirms That Dems Are Racist & Sexist After Kamala Drops Out

How the tables have turned…

John Salvatore



Every single person in American knew that Kamala Harris stood a 0% chance of earning the Democrat nomination for president. Chief amongst everyone had to be Kamala herself.

She most likely figured that by running for POTUS, she’d increase her national profile in an attempt to once again run for president in 2024. At the end of the day, the junior senator from California will receive a fat payday from a book publisher that highlights her trials and tribulations on the 2020 trail. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

During a Tuesday night panel on MSNBC, the far-left know-nothings debated whether or not Democrats are racist and sexist for not siding with Kamala. Spoiler alert: it looks like they are.

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MSNBC panel: @KamalaHarris faced a “double edged sword” of being a black woman.

Wallace: “There is a gender piece here that we still suck at talking about.”

Sharpton: “Women are held to a different standard and black women especially.”


. Isn’t it possible that Kamala Harris just wasn’t a very good candidate?
Most people voted for Obama twice and Hillary once. This “racism” and “sexism” stuff is such a tired excuse.

What’s @NicolleDWallace’s explanation for Governor Bullock and Beto?

@yashar @FrankLuntz

So the takeaway is Democrats aren’t fans of black women? Tough to blame independents or conservatives in a primary…

She may have faced a double edged sword, but she isn’t that sharp either. Her aggressive prosecutorial policy would have made her anathema to African American voters if she were white. This is often overlooked.

Kamala Harris officially ended her campaign today, which means that all of the candidates who currently qualify for the December Democratic debate are white (Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer).

White supremacy is not just a Fox News problem, folks.

funny you’re talking about “white supremacy” aka Racism with regard to the democratic primaries, isn’t it?

you guys are too cute.

If you open your eyes even wider you’ll discover a whole new world out there…..

I stand with the brave folks on the panel. The DNC’s sneaky plan to have Beto, Hickenlooper, Inslee, de Blasio, Ryan Gillibrand & Moulton enter the race B4 quitting, merely to provide cover for white Democrat supporters who refuse to nominate a black woman of color is frightening

Those democrats in the primary stage sound like true racists and sexists if that’s what drove out KH.

Ummmm, this was a democratic primary…. so I guess dem voters are racist and sexist… good work msnbc

Good to see them all admit the DNC is full of racism and misogyny since it was their primaries.

After Beto and Hickenloopoer; and now Harris?

It is just a terrible time for black female candidates!

@MSNBC #MSNBC condemning #Democrats as racist and misogynist. Good job.

Yes democrats are racist. Totally agree

H/T: Twitchy

Save conservative media!


Breonna Taylor Protesters Aim Guns At Cops, Two Officers Shot & Transported to Hospital

They are out of control!

John Salvatore



It seems like this happens once a year, doesn’t it? A black person is killed by the police and radical Democrats decide to riot, loot, and intentionally injure police officers. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if the black person was in the wrong. You know, because liberals solely care about race above all else. On Wednesday evening in Kentucky, at least two cops were shot and transported to a hospital. This could be a preview of what we’re likely to witness if President Trump is re-elected. LOOK: From Fox News: A grand jury earlier in the day indicted one of the three officers who took part in the botched drug operation in her apartment targeting a man who did not live there and who was already in custody. The charges against former LMPD member Brett Hankison were for recklessly firing stray bullets that found their way into a neighboring family’s home. He was fired in June. ANOTHER: And the doozy… Pray for the shot officers.

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Rush: Judiciary Committee Needs to Skip Hearings, Go Straight to Floor Vote On SCOTUS Nominee

He has a point!

John Salvatore



Considering how unbelievably evil Democrats acted toward Brett Kavanaugh, there’s little reason to assume they’ll give a pass to President Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee. Congressional Dems literally – literally – did everything in their power to ruin a man’s life, simply because they hate POTUS. The Man With the Nicotine-Stained Fingers makes an excellent point about this upcoming SCOTUS pick. Congressional Republicans, take note. From The Hill: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh urged Senate Republicans to skip the confirmation hearing process for President Trump’s soon-to-be announced Supreme Court nominee and head straight to a floor vote. “I want the Judiciary Committee — that could be great if it were skipped,” Limbaugh said Monday on his daily radio program. “We don’t need to open that up for whatever length of time, so that whoever this nominee is can be Kavanaugh’d, or Borked, or Thomas’d. Because that’s what it’s going to be, especially when it’s not even required.” WATCH: Here are the hypocritical tweets of Democrats from 2016 and 2020…

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