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Watch: MSNBC's Joy Reid Goes on Unhinged Rant About Population - 'Why Do We Need More Kids?'

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MSNBC resident racist Joy Reid is going viral this week with a video of an unhinged rant in reference to conservatives wanting to have more children.

Reid’s nonsensical diatribe was apparently inspired by Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s public support for his state’s Supreme Court Feb. 23 ruling that frozen embryos are considered children under state law.

More specifically, Reid attacked a comment Tuberville made during a Conservative Political Action Conference interview after the ruling in which he stated, “We need more kids,” according to USA Today.

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“The United States has a population of north of 327 million people. Why do we need more kids?” Reid asked at the beginning of her rant.

Reid wasted no time in demonstrating that she has absolutely no understanding of what fertility rate is and why it is needed to maintain a stable society.

According to Britannica, fertility rate is “the average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.”

It is commonly understood that for a modern society to maintain a stable population, a fertility rate of 2.1 is required.

Do you disagree with Reid?

According to World Population Review, current data collected for 2024 has the United States at slightly above a 1.8 fertility rate. The current population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is about 336 million, even more than the 326 million Reid apparently believes is too high.

To bring home how truly ignorant Reid is on this topic, China has a current population north of 1.4 billion and its fertility rate is barely above 1.45, according to World Population Review in 2024.

Both these countries and many more in the modern world need to have more kids.

The BBC even published an article back in July of 2020 that stated that at least 23 major countries were on course to see their populations decrease by 50 percent by 2100; China, Japan, South Korea, Spain and Italy being among them.

Reid continued: “I mean, your party Senator Tuberville, is the one screaming, ‘Those 10 million immigrants’ — which, I don’t even know that that number makes any sense because it doesn’t — ‘have streamed into the country since Joe Biden has been president.’ And you’re claiming that’s too many people … That if more people come into the southern border, that this is some sort of ‘crisis’ because we’ve got too many people …”

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Official U.S. Customs and Border Protection data easily prove that Reid has no idea what she is talking about in her feeble attempt to dismiss the massive influx of illegal immigrants this country has seen since Biden took office.

The Washington Examiner does an excellent job breaking down and interpreting this data in an article it published in October of 2023 that could have saved Reid some embarrassment and demonstrates that the number of those who have crossed the border in the Biden years is actually higher than 10 million.

Reid continued: “But now you’re saying that ‘we’ need more kids? Can you explain who is the ‘we’ and what’s the purpose?”

Reid’s obnoxiously ignorant argument unintentionally supports the replacement theory she and her network so often decry when she openly claims to believe that American citizens no longer need to procreate due to the number of illegal immigrants entering this country.

Reid, true to her racist nature, immediately shifted into bringing race into her deranged speech.

“Are you saying the state of Alabama needs more kids? Why does the state of Alabama need more kids? More kids for what?” she asked.

Reid then descended further into madness by referring to Alabama’s history as a slave state and declaring that the planters of the slavery era wanted slave women to bear more children “because those kids were property and they could work more kids and make more money on their plantations.”

She implied Tuberville was employing a similar logic.

“Are you saying the state of Alabama needs more kids because you think that those populations will include people who are maybe destitute and desperate enough to kick out the immigrants like a lot of y’all want to do and you can make them do the work that the migrants are doing now?” she asked.

“That kind of sounds slavery-ish.”

Reid continued her openly racist ignorance, “…I mean you’re also a white guy. Are you saying the ‘we’ is white folks need more kids? Is this like a ‘great replacement’ thing where you’re concerned there’s not enough white people in the population versus the growth of the Latino population, the black population, the Asian-American population, and so the ‘we’ is white people need to make white women have more kids and, that’s the ‘we’ and that’s the ‘why’?

“Because it sounds a little creepy. A little ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ don’t you think?”

First of all, “slavery-ish” isn’t really a word. And “The Handmaid’s Tale”  is an openly anti-male, anti-Christian, propaganda-laden television show — based on a nearly 40-year-old novel — that mindless leftists love to depict as a wet dream for conservatives.

But more to the point, this part of her rant was keenly disturbing as she attempted to claim that Tuberville only wants white parents to reproduce, which he never said. Replacement theory would include all naturally born and naturalized American citizens being bred out of their majority — not just white Americans.

Tuberville was interviewed Monday by Newsmax’s Eric Bolling and defended his comment as a guest on the news network.

The video is below:


“Number one, at the end of her thoughts, it is the Great Replacement Theory,” he said. “That’s exactly what they want to do. They’re trying to replace as many people as they possibly can with people coming into this country that are not Americans, that are not, weren’t born here.

“But we do need more kids. That’s the reason I am pro-life in every direction. Including IVF.”

As to Reid herself, he was dismissive.

“Sounds like she’s uneducated,” he said. “Doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

“But it is what it is … We’re not going to make it in this country if we have people like this continue to spew hate. And that’s exactly what it is.”

Reid’s disturbing diatribe, while painfully ignorant, reveals the enemy’s plan for this country, which is to specifically demonize white American citizens who wish to have their children grow up in a country with a secure border.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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