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WATCH: Mystery Tree Trimmer Strikes Texas Neighborhood at Night

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While many Americans find great comfort in the use of modern home surveillance devices such as Ring doorbells and motion-detecting infrared cameras, these products provide us with a bit of a double-edged sword.

You see, for every nefarious incident that these items prevent, there are countless other, quasi-harmless events that are captured and beamed directly into our inboxes and apps.  This means that, should a nosy neighbor be looking through your mailbox, or a strange figure appears in the street in the middle of the night, you’ll now be haunted by that knowledge even if the act itself didn’t actually harm you in any way.

Sure, there are some downright dastardly things that can be discovered by reviewing this footage, but there are also some purely zany incidents as well – with the latter being true for one neighborhood in Texas.

Residents of a neighborhood in Texas are puzzled by a mysterious man who has been seen roaming the streets at night randomly pruning people’s trees. According to a local media report, home security cameras have spotted the curious character practicing his handiwork outside of multiple houses in the city of Fort Worth over the last few weeks. Accompanied by an unleashed dog and generally appearing around three in the morning, the man seemingly possesses a passion for pruning as one resident observed that “he starts trimming the tree and admiring his work and kind of stepping back.” What was first a weird occurrence has now become a genuine concern to homeowners who have taken to calling the peculiar individual Edward Scissorhands.

The acts seem rather random.

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“Sometimes he’ll just take a little bit,” Ashley Thomann explained, “but then in other people’s trees he’ll take massive gobs.” It would seem the latter scenario was the case with Jerry Balkenbush, who initially thought that a bad storm had caused a tree in his yard to lose several of its branches until his wife told him about the odd man who had become the talk of the neighborhood. Understandably a bit unsettled by the phantom pruner’s odd late-night behavior, they are particularly perturbed by how much more frequent and widespread the incidents have become with a whopping 12 trees on three different streets being struck in one night last week.

The strange behavior may seem harmless, (well, not for the trees), but some homeowners are now concerned that these acts of vigilante horticulture may impact their standing with the HOA, which could result in serious fines.

Video of the phantom pruner can be seen below:


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