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WATCH: Netanyahu Reaches Out To, Praises Defiant Iranian Protesters

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One of the most important stories the media won’t tell you about over the last year is the rising tide of Iranians protesting the oppressive regime they live under.

American politicians who value liberty and equality are voicing their support, from Senator Tom Cotton to Mike Pompeo, but one very significant leader joined in their praise of the protesters this week, calling on a shared love of soccer to encourage the Iranian people: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran is by far Israel’s biggest enemy. They openly preach the destruction of Israel and are the number one global state sponsor of terrorism, plenty of which falls on the heads of the IDF and even Israeli civilians at the hands of Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls the Palestinian Authority.

In what can only be described as an incredibly powerful and gracious move, however, Netanyahu called upon a recent soccer victory achieved by the Iranian team at the World Cup to tell the world of the tenacity and courage the Iranian people display, on and off the field, as they stand up to their corrupt mullahs.

 The Daily Wire describes the beginning of the video:

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The video starts with Netanyahu seated behind his desk while catching a soccer ball thrown to him, He begins, “You imagine how hard it is to stop Ronaldo from scoring a goal?”

The video cuts to Netanyahu, in his suit, bouncing the ball off his foot, soccer-style, as his voice-over notes, “I used to play soccer.” Then back to his desk, as he continues, “Let me tell you—It’s almost impossible. But the Iranian team just did the impossible.”

Then he speaks directly to the people:

To the Iranian people I say: You showed courage on the playing field, and today you showed the same courage on the streets of Iran.

Iran has many problems: air pollution, water scarcity, billions wasted on terror. Can you imagine what would happen if the Iranian government, instead of wasting your money on Syria, in Yemen, and unnecessary wars in the Middle East, would start investing it in solving these problems in Iran?

The solution to all these problems is the Iranian people. That’s why I offered medical aid to save Iranian lives after a devastating earthquake. That’s why I opened a Farsi Telegram group to teach water conservation to Iranian farmers.

And that’s why I’ll never stop advocating for peace with the Iranian people.

One day, I hope to watch Iran’s soccer team go head-to-head against Israel in a free Tehran.

On that day, we’ll all be winners.

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