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WATCH: NYC Rolls Out Nuke Safety PSA as 'Threat' Continues to 'Evolve'

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As the tensions of the international community continue to come home to roost in a major way, one of the world’s most vital metropolises is launching a terrifying new safety campaign.

The Big Apple, New York City, is now preparing its citizens for the potential of a nuclear strike, in the wake of continued nuclear threats being made by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

New York City launched a nuclear attack preparedness public service announcement on Monday, saying it’s best to be prepared even if such a strike is unlikely.

“While the likelihood of a nuclear weapon incident occurring in/near New York City is very low, it is important New Yorkers know the steps to stay safe,” the city’s Emergency Management Department said in its announcement.

The PSA encourages New Yorkers to take “key, simple steps in the event of such an incident.”

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While authorities continue to suggest that there is no specific threat, an “evolving” concern appears to have been the impetus of the PSA.

Emergency Management didn’t say if any factor in particular prompted the new PSA, but Commissioner Zach Iscol said in a statement, “As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is important that New Yorkers know we are preparing for any imminent threats and are providing them with the resources they need to stay safe and informed.”

The sudden and terrifying PSA can be seen below:


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