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WATCH: One Year After Crazed Gunman Nearly Took His Life, Steve Scalise Makes Incredible First Play at Congressional Baseball Game

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There was not a dry eye in the house.

One year ago, a crazed gunman, driven by vitriol towards Trump and the Republican party, drove from Illinois to Washington D.C. with his SKS rifle to open fire on a handful of Republican congressmen as they practiced for the upcoming congressional baseball game.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise nearly lost his life that day, saved by the heroic rescue of two capitol police who took out the gunman and were themselves injured in the process.

On Thursday, after a harrowing year of recovery that Scalise can only describe as a miraculous, he entered the field for the Congressional baseball game once again.

And made the play of the evening–on the very first play.

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Western Journal reports:

In a moment that appeared to be orchestrated by God, the Louisianan fielded a grounder hit directly to him and threw the runner out at first base on the very first play of the game.

Scalise rose to his feet and pointed to heaven, in a gesture clearly meant to give all the glory to the Almighty.

The congressman was quickly mobbed by his teammates, and the crowd on hand at Nationals Park rose to its feet and cheered.

“To be able to walk back out on this field again a year later is an incredible feeling,” Scalise told reporters at the game.

“To think that after nine surgeries and everything I get to be back out here with my colleagues, God bless America,” he added. “I almost lost my life, and through God’s grace and the marvels of medicine I’m here.”

Scalise has not ceased to praise the Lord for his recovery, attributing every moment of survival, from when the bullet first struck him on that fateful day, to the power of prayer.

“I’m a living example that miracles really do happen,” he has said more than once, including his first day back on the House floor, earlier this year.

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His return to the field was impressive, considering he still walks with a cane. He was escorted to his position at Second Base by the Capitol Hill police officers who saved his life that day, Crystal Griner and David Bailey, who received the Medal of Valor from President Trump last year for their heroic actions that day. Griner and Bailey also threw pitches at the game.

The glory Scalise gives to the Lord is inspiring and galvanizing for the faithful across the nation that the power of prayer and faith in the Lord can turn anything–even the sometimes violent divide that runs down the middle of our country right now–into a testament of His power and might.

Let’s pray for our nation as fervently as Scalise prayed for recovery so that we can all be strengthened and healed, together, for the sake of our incredible nation.




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