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WATCH: Predictably, Kavanaugh Hearings Open With Dramatic Protests and Interruptions



We’re lucky the left has been much better at causing chaos, drama, and disruption over the last few years than they have at actually electing anyone.

With midterms looming over Democratic Congressmen, far-left protesters with a rabid, tunnel-vision desire to see Roe v. Wade upheld are–figuratively and literally–screaming at their elected officials to do everything possible to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

They’re pulling all the stops out, and showing up to overwork security at the first day of his confirmation hearing is clearly their first line of defense–after posting pouty pictures in Handmaid’s Tale costumes on social media, of course.

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Western Journal reports:

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Witin[sic] the first few minutes of the hearning, one of the protesters began to yell and held up a shirt that read, “Be a hero and cancel this hearing.”

Another woman yelled out that Kavanaugh would “overturn” her daughter’s future while holding up a T-shirt with pictures of her daughter. Still another yelled, “If you vote for Brett Kavanagh, we will replace you.”

One of the protesters took a shot at President Donald Trump and mentioned that he couldn’t nominate someone to the Supreme Court.

“An illegitimate president cannot make a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court,” the woman said. She added that the hearing should be an “impeachment hearning.”

Bahaha–a girl can dream, can’t she?

The chaos didn’t end when security removed the protesters, either, because, again, the politicians within are desperate to make a good impression on the unhinged masses before they head to the voting booth in November:

In total, Capitol police removed six women from the chamber who continued to yell as they were escorted out. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, thanked the officers for their service, but then was faced with more protests from the Democratic senators.

Just seconds into his opening statement, Democrats began to interrupt Grassley and asked to postpone the hearings citing the fact that 42,000 Kavanaugh-related documents were released to the committee on Monday.

Another day, another leftist temper tantrum in the Trump era.


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