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Watch: Prominent Trans Activist Detransitioning After Finding Christ - Gives Peek Behind Leftist Curtain

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Oli London has seen enough — and he wants the world to know it.

The white British man, who has made news by identifying obsessively with a South Korean pop star and having multiple surgeries to achieve a dream of both “transracial” and “transgender” identity, has undergone a religious conversion experience.

He’s now warning of the dangers of the leftist forces pushing transgender ideology on young people.

Starting back in 2018, the social media influencer proclaimed himself to be first “transracial,” then more recently “transgender” as he sought to adopt the identity of a Korean woman.

The now 32-year-old Brit told fans he was a long-time superfan of South Korean pop star Park Jimin. London was so enamored of Jimin that he wanted to look like him. And to that end, London underwent a series of at least 18 surgeries to change his facial features to look Korean.

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After his round of surgeries, London told his Instagram fans that he finally felt “Korean.”

“Now finally, I feel Korean … I identify with the Korean community. Maybe they will accept me more now, because I have the look, you know? Maybe people will think I’m actually Korean which will make me really happy. And they can see how much I love their culture. Because this is the extreme length I’ve gone to because I love Korea so much,” he said.

He told the website Vice in an interview last year that his fascination with the country began in 2013, when he moved there to teach English.

He explained more in an Instagram story posting from the time, according to LifeSite News.

“I identify as Korean. That’s my culture. That’s my home country,” he said, according to LifeSite. “That’s exactly how I look now. I also identify as Jimin, and that’s my career name.

“I know it’s a bit confusing for people — nobody’s ever come out as Korean, but this is something that you guys know if you’ve followed my journey. For the last eight years, I’ve really struggled with identity issues, with who I am … I’ve finally gone through my racial transition surgery.”

But, it appears that all his efforts still did not make him happy after all. By May of this year, London changed his mind about being a Korean man, then a non-binary person, and announced he wanted to be addressed as a Korean woman, the U.K. Daily Mail reported at the time.

“While people know I recently had surgeries to transform my face, what I haven’t shared with people yet is the recent surgeries I had are to help me to become a Korean woman,” London said then, according to the Daily Mail.

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“Over the last eight years, I have struggled with identity issues and always been confused about who I am. So last year I came out as transracial Korean and that was an important step in my transition process.”

The continuing “process” topped 30 surgeries and cost more than $270,000 for the procedures, according to LifeSite News.

But the happiness never came, apparently, because now London says that the whole experience was disheartening and he is detransitioning back to being a British man, just where he started from.

To speak of his journey, London joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday. He said America’s culture wars have impacted young people all around the globe. And he accused schools of encouraging children to “idolize weak men like Harry Styles,” who has become well known for wearing makeup and skirts and other women’s clothing.

He also pointed out that culture today is pushing young people toward dangerous transgenderism and at a quickening pace.

He said he’s realizing his own mistakes about identity, but “is it any wonder people like me and young people want to change their gender when we have normalization of this in our schools in this country?”

Do you think a voice like Oli London's can slow the transgender wave?

The cultural pressure leads to absurdities the likes of which was seen last week in New Hampshire where a stocky 19-year-old man was declared the winner of scholarship contest/beauty pageant over a range of young women and girls who were competing. (Not all beauty pageants are bending to trans ideology since the Miss USA pageant went to court — and won — to keep trans contestants out.)

“Children are taught from a young age, from the age of 5 in some cases, that it’s OK to change their gender, it’s OK to wear a skirt, it’s OK for a boy to use the gender-neutral toilet when it puts girls at risk,” London told Carlson. “This is the new norm and schools are teaching about ‘toxic masculinity,’ they’re eroding the alpha male. The alpha, straight male has been eroded.

“You know, Tucker, what happened years ago when kids used to idolize Superman and astronauts? Now, kids are being pushed by this radical ideology,” London continued. “They’re taught to idolize weak men like Harry Styles. Weak politicians like Beto O’Rourke.”

Like other transgenders who are now working against “transitioning” among children, London hopes the whole practice will come to an end.

The whole experience led him to a new relationship with Jesus Christ.

“This actually kind of saved my life. It’s brought me back to who I am as a person, finding God,” London said in an interview with the Catholic News Agency.

“I’m sure a lot of young people can identify with that. At school, sometimes, we all get bullied for the way we look or who we are,” London continued. “But that’s kind of what spurred my journey to begin with — just having that kind of hatred of myself.”

Yet, even as his happiness continued to feel out of reach, London revealed to CNA that in August he turned to Christianity from a life of atheism.

“Three months ago, I started reading the Bible after visiting a Catholic church,” London said, adding that the congregation’s welcoming behavior made him want to return.

“I started going a few times a week,” he said. “I started reading the Bible myself at home.”

The impact was profound, he told CNA.

“It made me [realize]: ‘You know what, God made me a certain way, God made me who I am. Why on earth would I want to change that? Why am I going for all these extreme procedures? This is not how God made me, this is not what I was meant to be in life,'” he said.

London said he finally realized that changing his outside appearance was not the important thing in life.

“Letting Jesus and God into my heart [has] saved my life. It’s brought me back to who I am as a person, finding God,” he said.

He told CNA he has received thousands of messages from Christians urging him to continue down his new path. He said those messages have given him new hope.

“Suddenly you get a kind Christian person saying, ‘hang in there, stay strong.’ I’m really grateful to the Catholics and the Christians that have done that so far,” he said.

London concluded by saying that he now wants to use his social media platform to “spread this message of self-acceptance, that we are the way God made us,” and to work against transgenderism, especially in kids.

He is glad he never started hormone therapies or had surgeries to remove his genitals, something most Americans also oppose for minors. And he wants to warn kids that they should avoid these traps.

“Kids from the age of 12 are being pushed onto puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy,” he told CNA. “I don’t believe that’s right. Kids need to be children.”

Some U.S. states are also coming to that realization, too, such as Florida, where two state medical boards have voted to ban such procedures.

London is right. The left-wing culture that is working overtime to convince our children that taking dangerous drugs or undergoing permanent, irreversible medical procedures is a good thing.

This ideology is wrecking serious harm on our society. But a healthy culture reinforced by God’s love is the best way to heal us all.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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