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Watch: Rapper YG, Who Sang 'F*** Donald Trump,' Says Black Community Shifting Toward MAGA: 'Biden Ain't Did Nothing for Us'

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A rapper who once dedicated a song to his hatred for former President Donald Trump appears to have switched sides.

The rapper YG, who previously sang the “FDT” (“F**k Donald Trump”) song, said in a recent appearance on Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” podcast that the black community is moving away from President Joe Biden and toward the 45th president.

“Do black people f**k with him more?” Von asked the rapper.

“To me it seems like more black guys will mess with Trump because he seems more like connected to the culture a little bit.”

“Hey look, I ain’t gonna lie, the black community was not f***ing with Trump…but when that PPP s**t came out…black people forgave him,” YG responded, a reference to the Paycheck Protection Program that Trump signed while in office.

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“Dat n**** Trump passing out money. We f**k with Trump.’ I’m like, ‘Dang, so y’all back with Trump, just like that huh?’ He was like, ‘Hell yeah! Dat n**** passing out money!’”

The musician added he was speaking on behalf of black men like himself.

Do you agree with YG’s observations?

“You feel me? Let them tell it, this is what they say,” he said.

“Biden ain’t did nothing for us,” he added.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

The comments represent a significant shift in the rapper’s opinion of Trump since 2016 when he released “FDT.”

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The song, which is laced with death threats and compares Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The song’s violent nature even prompted a Secret Service investigation following its release, although no action was ultimately taken.

Over the course of his presidency, Trump received the backing of several prominent black musicians including Kanye West (now Ye), 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne.

Although a majority of black people supported Biden in the 2020 election, Trump saw his support rise among that demographic in 2020 compared with the previous election cycle.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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