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WATCH: Ravens Fans Erupt in Fistfights as Their Team Goes Down in Flames

The NFL has been a disgrace for a while now, but this is the grotesque icing on the cake.




As the Baltimore Ravens made a mess of their final game of the season and dealt themselves right out of the NFL Wild Card games, fans in the stand were obviously taking it well… as they devolved into wild fist fights.

Apparently, some Baltimore Ravens fans did not take their team’s loss in the first round of the NFL Wild Cards very well, as they erupted in a fist fight in the stands.

A video posted by Barstool Sports shows a group of purple-clad Baltimore fans flailing at a few Chargers boosters in the upper section of M&T Bank Stadium, Daily Snark reported.

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The video was soon deleted, but I found another Tweet with the video intact:

Mick Coley of Bar Stool noted that eventually the police got tired of all the flailing and shoving and “started stomping fools out in the staircase.”

Coley also joked that if “the Ravens offense showed this much fight today this game might have been watchable.”

The Ravens definitely got off to a bad start lagging far behind the Chargers and ended the third quarter down 9 points, leaving the Chargers in the lead 12 to 3. However, the Ravens did mount a strong comeback making up much ground. Still, it was not enough to knock out their opponents, and the Chargers won the game with a 23-17 final.

The Chargers will now advance to round two of the Wild Cards to face the New England Patriots next Sunday.

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President Trump Says That If Biden Stands Up And Breathes, Media Will Call It ‘One Of The Greatest Debate Performances In History’



Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt recently conducted an interview with President Donald Trump in which he asked him about the debates coming down the pike with Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden, and what Trump had to say is both hilarious and sadly true. Trump said, “You know the way it is, the fake news. If he stands up and if he is able to breathe, and if he’s able to walk off the platform, they’ll say it was one of the greatest debate performances in history.” He’s right, you know. The mainstream media will ignore any idiotic or nonsensical things Biden, in his declining mental state, might say, and just as they made a big deal of his ability to ride a bike, acting as if that was all it took to verify his fitness for office, they will play up the fact he showed up as some sort of grand accomplishment. Here’s more from The Daily Wire: Hewitt prompted Trump by asserting, “The expectations of the vice president are being lowered by the hour. I think if he just stands up for an hour, that will lead the media to declare him a winner. I appreciate that you nominated me to be a moderator. I don’t think the debate commission will give you anyone remotely close to being as tough on Biden as they are on you. Do you think they’re lowering expectations for Joe Biden for the debates?” Trump answered, “Well, I’m not lowering expectations. Everyone else is. I’m not. I don’t do that. Look, whoever shows up, I watched him with Bernie Sanders, and he did okay. I wouldn’t say he was Winston Churchill.” “Yes, he did,” the host replied. “But he got through,” Trump continued. “But you know the way it is, the fake news. If…

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Washington Redskins Officially Announce Name Change



All weekend long rumors floated around the Internet that the Washington Redskins would be capitulating to the insanity of radical leftist social justice warriors and would change their name, as many in the liberal movement say it’s “offensive” to Native Americans. Never mind, of course, that the team was actually named by Native Americans, nor the fact that the logo was also designed by a Native American. Well, it turns out the rumors are true. The Redskins announced on Monday they would indeed be changing the team’s name. Sad times, folks. Sad times. Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner: The team, which has gone by the old name since the 1930s, announced on Monday that it will no longer use the term “Redskins” after critics have claimed it was racist and insensitive to Native Americans. In a statement team owner Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera said they are “working closely to develop a new name and design,” which have not yet been revealed. The Washington Post reported that the team is unable to reveal the new name because there is an ongoing trademark dispute. Synder, who purchased the team in 1999, has repeatedly refused to change the team name and defended it in previous years, but calls for the team to change its name were renewed following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. Protests, which were mostly peaceful, have spread across the country, demanding an end to systemic racism and police brutality. Some cities are still having demonstrations six weeks after his death. You can almost guarantee that with the faltering of the Redskins to political correctness, pressure will be applied to other sports teams such as the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Atlanta Braves. All of these teams use Native…

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