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WATCH IT:  Russian Missile Malfunctions, Returns to Launch Pad

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For months now, the Russian army has been failing miserably in Ukraine, and in ways that we never imagined.

The world once believed that Moscow’s military was something to be feared.  That they were stone-cold killers whose conscience disappeared the minute that their orders came down.

Instead, we’ve watched Russian troops shoot themselves in the leg to get sent home from the front lines, and we’ve heard their colleagues get shut down when attempting to arrange sham marriages to avoid the war.

Morale and ability are both running low for Russia’s fighting force, and they may even be running out of troops altogether.

And now, to add insult to injury, (and some more injury as well), new video shows a Russian missile malfunctioning in such a way as to provide us with a profound and allegorical image of the whole of Moscow’s malnourished military.

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DRAMATIC video captures the moment a Russian surface-to-air missile system fires on itself in a bizarre malfunction.

In the footage, the missile can be seen shooting into the sky – before turning mid-air and slamming back into where it came from in an enormous explosion.

The short clip was reportedly shot in the Ukrainian city of Alchevsk in the Luhansk region, which is under the occupation of pro-Russian separatist forces and is on the front line of the war in Ukraine.

The symbolism was not lost on the global community.

It was filmed in the early hours of Friday morning when Russian troops reportedly launched a missile to intercept an oncoming Ukrainian plane.

However, seconds later, the missile was returned to sender after the tracking system went haywire.

The nigh-unbelievable video can be seen below:


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