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WATCH: Senator Who Questioned Kavanaugh on Flatulence Given Perfect New Nickname By GOP Opponent

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For the last few weeks, we’ve been subject to the insufferable frustration that was the Democrats’ handling of accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh right before he was set to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Stunningly, Congressional Republicans actually managed to turn it all around into an incredible victory, and this week, after a mind-numbingly awful and seemingly endless news cycle, we can at last enjoy the afterglow of how hard the Democrats just got owned.

For some GOP candidates, this means a considerable leg up in the upcoming midterms, or, in the case of one Rhode Island Republican, an awesome campaign ad.

Bob Flanders may not stand much of a chance against Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in the deep-blue state of Rhode Island, but he took full advantage of Whitehouse’s given line of questioning during the Kavanaugh hearings to cut a hilarious new campaign ad with a brilliant new nickname.

Conservative Tribune reports:

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Bob Flanders, the former Rhode Island supreme court justice who won the Sept. 12 Republican primary to challenge Whitehouse for the Senate in November, decided to use footage of Whitehouse on the Senate Judiciary Committee interviewing now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh about Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook — in particular the word “boofed.”

With a bit of harpsichord music playing over the dialogue, the distinguished gentleman from the nation’s smallest state is shown asking the hard-hitting questions at last month’s Kavanaugh hearings.

“Have you, I don’t know if it’s ‘buffed’ or ‘boofed,’ how do you pronounce that?” Whitehouse is shown asking.

That refers to flatulence,” Kavanaugh responded. “We were 16.”

“OK,” Whitehouse said.

“We want to talk about flatulence at age 16 on a yearbook page, um, I’m game,” Kavanaugh is shown saying later.

“With all the world watching, Senator Whitehouse asks about … flatulence,” the narrator of the advertisement, called “Gasbag,” intones.

“What an embarrassment for Rhode Island. Let’s elect a problem-solver, not a gasbag.”


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