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Watch: Shocking Moment TV Host Collapses to Ground on Air as Co-Host Rushes to Her Aid

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One minute, the show was moving along just fine. The next, a host put her hands to her face, turned away from the camera and then crumpled to the TV studio floor.

TV show host Elianis Garrido suffered a medical episode on March 16 during the show “Lo Sé Todo,” which translates to “I Know Everything” on Colombia’s state-run Channel 1, according to the Daily Mail.

In a video of the incident, she turns away from the conversation taking place and then is shown from above as she falls.

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Co-host Ariel Osorio hurried to help Garrido, who was later taken to a hospital.

Osorio later said Garrido suffered “respiratory problems.”

He also shared a message for his 35-year-old co-host’s mother.

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“Everything is fine, Eli is perfect. She is finishing up some security protocols and she is fine, don’t worry. She will call you soon, we will tell you what is happening with Eli,” he said.

Presenter María Fernanda Romero said the weather had been bothering Garrido.

In a series of Spanish-language tweets translated on Twitter, Garrido said the episode was the result of a long-running battle with the flu.

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“Never in my life had I had such a daring flu! Aggressive and invasive! Please take care of yourselves and do not minimize the symptoms. Chronic Bronchitis (and no, I DO NOT smoke! I don’t even vape!) my body claimed me because I did not listen to it for prioritizing my responsibilities,” Garrido posted on Twitter.

“Since Monday I haven’t had a single peaceful morning because of this cough!… I think I need to sleep for a whole week,” she also posted.

“Glory to God it’s not pneumonia. My trachea closed because my airways have injuries. Holding back the urge to cough can be dangerous. DON’T hold them! Hugs for all the good vibes and please take care of the weather changes and keep warm if you are on cold ground,” she wrote.

“To fulfill our adult responsibilities, we take pain relievers, we self-medicate and use what worked for Sutanita or Perensejita! The body is a machine, if something is not right, check it out and take care of it,” she posted.

The incident in Colombia took place two days before Los Angeles’ KCAL-TV meteorologist Alissa Carlson suffered an unexpected medical emergency on the air and passed out on camera. Carlson later said she was going to be fine.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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