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Watch: Texas Governor Shows Off What State Is Doing at the Border in Spite of Biden

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It looks like someone is finally taking action to solve the border crisis.

Granted, not the person who should be doing something, our supposed Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, but at least it’s someone who can do something, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

In a short video shared to X (formerly Twitter) Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Abbott demonstrated the progress the state of Texas has made on the border wall after the Biden administration put the squash on the project when Biden assumed office (for seemingly no other reason than Trump started the project).

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The content of the video is not the most exciting on its own, simply showing a crew putting pieces of the wall in place.

It’s Abbott’s captions, and the implications of the caption and video together, that are really exciting.

Abbot wrote, “Texas border wall construction continues. We will use every available tool and strategy to secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

Certainly there are many Americans breathing a sigh of relief knowing there is at least one person in power who seems concerned enough about the massive flood of illegal immigrants pouring over the border daily to take some action to stem the flow.

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But, just as many are no doubt frustrated with the current administration, not only by failing to take the same action, but by taking actions that seem designed to encourage this intense amount of illegal immigration.

From school children getting booted from their classrooms in New York, to the innumerable reports of drugs and violent criminals coming from the open border, to the outrage caused by the Biden White House seemingly putting the welfare of illegals over those of American citizens, the problem has clearly gotten completely out of hand.

Most Americans have reached the breaking point. Even blue state mayors and governors, who made a grand show of declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” are beginning to see what conservatives have been saying all along as busloads of migrants are shipped to their front door.

While most people are sympathetic to the plight of people who just want a better life, most also understand that immigration policies are in place for a reason.

There is not an insignificant number of people who cross the border illegally because they have criminal records that prevent them from immigrating via the regular legal channels.

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Criminals who will no doubt be expanding that record once they get to the United States.

Abbott is doing the right thing by his state and the American people, and it’s shameful that the Biden administration refuses to do anything.

And not just refuses to do anything, but also tries actively thwarting Abbott’s efforts to complete the border wall with a myriad of court challenges.

With as bad as things are regarding the border and immigration, it’s frightening to think how much worse it could be if Abbott wasn’t taking action.

Still, Abbott shouldn’t have had to action like this by himself.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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