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WATCH: The Media Reminds Us Why We Don't Trust Them During Hurricane Florence

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Say it with me now: and they wonder why we don’t trust them.

While the damage due to Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas has been significant, the internet has still been abuzz with clips of reporters who got busted while seemingly over-dramatizing the effects of the hurricane.

One clip, which as been viewed 18 million times in just 24 hours, according to the Daily Wire, has attracted quite a lot of criticism for the Weather Channel.

In the clip, reporter Mike Seidel appears to be struggling against gushing winds, in a raincoat and galoshes. As he informs the viewers “This is about as nasty as it’s been,” two men in shorts casually walk across the street behind him, showing none of the signs of struggling to withstand the fierce winds that Seidel does.

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While Seidel has received the majority of the attention, he’s not the only reporter busted seriously over-dramatizing Florence’s wrath. And to be fair, the Weather Channel only gets a few moments a year to really shine, so while we don’t condone it, we certainly understand when they got a little crazy.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, on the other hand, has been complicit with a fake news media complex that has been plunging our nation into chaos, division, and disinformation for years.

So go figure he was right out there in the storm…totally faking it.

In this photo tweeted by Donald Trump, Jr. that’s spreading around the internet, Cooper and his crew apparently found the most water for Cooper to stand in.



Pretty sure you can report on a flood without being waist-deep in a flooded ditch.

But take it from Jim Acosta…they’re real news:

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