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WATCH: The Moment This Little Boy Gave a Cop a Fist Bump Will Melt Your Heart

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There is nothing like the sweetness and innocence of little ones to remind us of our core humanity in the simplest of moments.

One thing that we love the most about little ones and babies is that they have yet to develop the filters that prevent us from connecting with other people that we encounter throughout our day.

A little boy in Missouri has gone viral after his parents caught a video of a sweet exchange he had with a police officer in a restaurant, which Daily Mail covered:

The clip, filmed in Dexter, Missouri, shows an officer standing at a counter waiting for his order.

A little boy wanders up to him and looks up at the police officer to which he smiles and says: ‘Hey! What are you doing?’.

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Wrapping his arms around the officer’s legs, the little boy gives him a loving hug.

Looking surprised, the officer smiles and pats his back saying ‘thank you, buddy’.

The child continues to show his appreciation by holding out in his hand for a fist pump, to which the officer laughs and happily returns the gesture.

The police officer grins and says: Alright!’

The little one, Bo, and his police officer hero appeared on Fox and Friends to share just how special the moment was for the both of them:

Too sweet! Kids are the best.

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