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WATCH: The Rescue Workers in Florence Going Back for Abandoned Pets

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Over the weekend, a poignant picture of a man and his kitten, aptly named ‘Survivor’, making their way through flood damage went viral.

Sadly, not every Florence victim was able to take their pets along with them as the fled their homes ahead of or following the storm.

Now, as rescue workers wade through the flooding and assess the damage, some are taking time to rescue these abandoned pets as well.

Liftable by Western Journal reports:

Searching high and low, a group of men has taken a boat to try and find the abandoned animals in hopes of saving them from Florence.

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The men act as their own search party in Jacksonville, North Carolina, using their own boat to navigate the water that at this point is a hefty knee deep.

Looking for any animal that is stranded and frightened, they make their way along the neighborhood streets, finding cats and dogs. No animal is turned away.

Not even knowing what they are going to do with the animals after they have been rescued, they just know that it is their mission to save them.

Using great care and survival skills, the men team together to locate the animals and carry them to the safety of the boat. The animals are frightened, but that does not deter the men.

Heading to dry land, the animals are provided the care they need to survive the hurricane and hopefully reunite with their loving family once again.


In a time in our country when it seems Americans have lost all compassion and common ground for their fellow man, it’s beautiful to see how natural disasters can often bring out the best in us.

We pray all these animals are reunited with their families or placed in new, loving homes.

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