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WATCH: This Black, Gay Veteran Who Left the Democrat Party is Libs Worst Nightmare

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Identity politics have been a cornerstone of the Democratic Party platform for at least a decade, and it appears it may have destroyed them.

As thousands join the #WalkAway movement, leaving behind the party of victimhood, intersectional politics, and downright lies, Democrats are struggling with an identity crisis the proportions of which they’ve never seen.

They have Donald Trump on the right of them and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the left, and have no idea what to do with the space in between.

So when those they consider to have great virtue in the intersectional caste system of victimhood and marginalization turn against their party in favor of the party that truly values rights and liberty, they simply don’t know what to do.

Enter Rob Smith: the black, gay, Army veteran who perfectly exemplifies the #WalkAway movement.

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He appeared on Fox News’ Watters World over the weekend, Biz Pac Review reports:

A black, gay, Army veteran, Smith became so sick of false narratives from liberals, and the perpetuation of a victimhood mentality that he decided to switch parties and become a Republican.

“I think for me, I got so sick of the lies. What they were telling black people,” Smith said Saturday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”

“When you are a black person you get messages from Democrats saying you are a victim and you need us to succeed and you need us to achieve, you need this ever-expanding welfare state to make something of yourself,” he told host Jesse Watters. “I got tired of it and sick of that message that it needed them, and I got sick of that message of victimhood that they continue to push to black Americans for the last three decades of my life.”

Smith, who grew up a Democrat, said the party is all about keeping people in line.

“I think Democrats use identity politics to keep people in line,” Smith explained. “To keep black people in line. To keep Latinos in line. To keep gay people in line. I’m black and gay, and I have seen them use the same tactics for black people as they do for gay people.”

Like many ex-Democrats, Smith found that the Democrats’ claim to love tolerance stops as soon as affiliation with the Republican party begins:

“I didn’t lose friends when I came out as gay. I’ve lost friends since coming out as Republican,” Smith said. “People do not understand it and these are the… left, that’s supposed to be so tolerant and inclusive. These are the people who were the first to shun me when I came out as conservative.”

And make no mistake, the criticism has been intense.

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“I have been called everything but child of god,” Smith told Watters. “They call you a sellout and an ‘Uncle Tom.’ But why can’t I have different ideas? Why can’t I be free thinking? Why can’t I have a victor mentality?”

The Democrats have overplayed their hand when it comes to intersectional politics, and they’re left faced with a very difficult decision: stick to the platform that pleases only the radicals on the fringes, or suck it up and admit that Trump won the presidency because he’s more in touch with the American people who value liberty, natural rights, and pluralism.

The latter, considering how they’ve behaved with Trump in office, seems very difficult to imagine.

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