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WATCH: This Comedian's "Woke Support Group" Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

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There is so much truth to this video, it’s almost painful.

It’s definitely really gratifying to see people push back against the downward spiral that is “being woke”, a term many on the left use to describe being aware of the multitude of injustices and intersectional victimhood hierarchy that is the left-wing paradigm.

The thing is, the whole country is suffering from those who are just too “woke” to participate in civil public discourse. Intersectional politics, the belief that the significance of our viewpoints is dispersed along a hierarchy of validity based on how many memberships to oppressed groups we can claim, utterly destroys one’s ability to enjoy life without seeing victimhood and oppression wherever they go.

This satirical video put out by comedian Tracy Ullman strikes right to the heart of the intersectional politics fad, which is taking the Western world by storm…and ruining the ability of many “woke” people to simply relax and enjoy life.

You’ve got to watch (warning: explicit language):

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