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WATCH: This Video of a Down Syndrome Man Meeting His Dad at the Airport Has Gone Viral for All the Right Reasons

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If you ask family members of people born with Down Syndrome, most of them will tell you they can’t even describe what unbelievable joy and love there is in their house.

While the anti-life left would like you to believe that Down Syndrome is a burden, an affliction, and devalues the life of those diagnosed with it to the point that it’s perfectly acceptable to terminate their life in the womb, anyone who has been loved by someone who has DS will certainly tell you their life is just as valuable as our own.

You can see the fingerprint of our Creator on full display at the pure, unfiltered love a middle-aged man with Down Syndrome showed to his father when they were reunited after five days apart, which had been the first time they’d been separated in decades.

FaithWire reports:

53-year-old Matt Cobrink has rarely been apart from his dad, but recently couldn’t pass up an opportunity to meet his favorite baseball player. So, he risked the separation anxiety to go ahead and make the trip.

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The trip lasted five days, and when he returned everyone in the family knew it was going to be an epic reunion. Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint. Matt’s sister posted the video to her Facebook page, and people everywhere immediately began to share and spread the video, which now has 2o million views.

This is a scene that, if many progressive eugenicists had their way, would no longer be seen. But since Marcy shared it to her Facebook page, it’s been nothing but inspiration and hope for those to whom it is deeply personal:

It’s incredibly sad to think people capable of such love are the target of extinction by some nations around the world. Iceland recently bragged about “eradicating” Down Syndrome, when the only way that is possible is murdering everyone with it.

People all over the world have now been reacting to the video with such emotion and sending messages of gratitude for sharing the sweet moment. Especially for parents and family members — and expecting mothers — who may have a child with Down Syndrome. “It gives them hope for their children,” she told People, saying countless have written in to tell her it was “so nice to see something that’s happy instead of things that are negative,” concerning Down Syndrome.

What a beautiful way to share the undeniable humanity of those who have Down Syndrome.


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