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Watch: Thugs from Mexico's Side of Border Laugh While Recording National Guard Helicopter Crash, Post Video to Social Media

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On Friday, after a tragic helicopter crash took place that saw the end of three lives, cartel members laughed and mocked those who gave their lives to protect America.

A video was provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in which members of a cartel witnessed the crash of the helicopter, according to Fox News.

While watching the accident, the members were heard laughing and mocking the tragedy.

WARNING: The following video contains language and images that some may find offensive.

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The ones who recorded it even shared the mocking footage on their social media accounts, according to the report.

“Go to hell,” one member reportedly yelled in Spanish as the helicopter came down, according to the Daily Wire.

According to CBP, the La Grulla area that the aircraft came down in sees heavy cartel activity, including drug and human smuggling.

Should the cartels be considered hostile actors?

Of course, upon seeing the footage where American lives were ended and laughed at, people around the country instantly became enraged.

“A National Guard helicopter transporting three soldiers and a Border Patrol agent crashed in Texas,” Texas Representative Troy Nehls wrote on X. “Two soldiers and the Border Patrol agent died. And Mexican cartel members laughed. They do not respect our country.”

Many also began to point to President Joe Biden as responsible for the lives lost.

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“Their deaths are on Mayorkas’ and Biden’s hands,” wrote one user.

“Adding more grief undoubtedly to the loved ones. These are the people Biden has used our tax dollars to bring upon our citizens,” another person on the social media site posted.

“Hey America! You get it now? These Cartels don’t care about you, the people they smuggle or sanctity of life. It’s all product to move for money. And Our Government the Democrats are making them wealthy beyond belief!” another enraged user shared.


What occurred was a tragedy, but having the cartel mocking it makes the tragic events even more sour.

Until the federal government grows a spine and begins to treat the border crisis like the pressing issue it is, appalling situations like this are bound to happen again.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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