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Watch: Top Hollywood Actor Sticks It to Leftist Cabal, Tells Americans 'a Change Is Coming'

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Oscar winner Jon Voight said the United States is edging dangerously close to World War III, but he predicted the return of former President Donald Trump could help avert that disaster.

The Hollywood icon made the chilling prognosis in a grainy, two-minute video he posted to Twitter on Sunday — five days after another bizarre Election Day and with a slew of midterm races remaining unresolved.

“It is with great honor that I say God bless America,” Voight said. “Let us all wish this great land a healing from all the unrighteousness that is, that is taking place.”

“My fellow Americans, we’re in danger of a third world war,” he warned. “We as a family of one truth must hear this now. Look at this lie, this deceit, that continues day after day.

“Can you not all see this lie? We must all wake up — wake up — because if we don’t see this lie, this land will die. Die in its beauty. Its freedom, its opportunity.”

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“It’s supposed to be the land of the free; it’s far from this. It’s a dark web — a dark world — but not for long because, my friends, a change is coming, and a new light will emerge.”

While Voight did not specify what he meant by the big “lie,” it appeared to reference the inexcusable clown show of the midterm elections, which were once again marred by freakish voting irregularities and inexplicable delays.

Voight continued: “We must all see this truth and allow justice to take place now. You see, the only way we can win these elections is to see the lies, deceit and corruption from the left and media and the unknowns.”

The actor said “we know who they are” and people should “vote for true justice for all.”

Will you fight to keep the freedoms in your country?

Voight then urged his followers to pray that Trump returns to the White House to clean up the mass corruption and injustice ravaging the nation.

“Let us pray that the one president who understood truths and had the best interest of the American people, the American dream, President Donald Trump, will return to the presidency,” Voight said. “He and only he can stop the swamp, this deceit and injustice.”

“My fellow Americans, wake up, wake up from this bad dream and bring back life, justice, truth in the only land that’s meant for dreams of goodness, the land of the free, America, the greatest land, the greatest soil for mankind.

“The land where heroes fought for their truths. And this, my friends, is where we must see the truth. Allow President Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to her glory.”

Watch: Top Hollywood Actor Sticks It to Leftist Cabal, Tells Americans 'a Change Is Coming'

Voight, who believes the Democrats cheated in the last presidential election by commingling a mass influx of fake votes with real ones, accused the left of election theft.

In November 2020, the actor declared in a sobering video, “We all know the truth.”

Voight is one of the few vocal conservatives in the liberal cesspool of Hollywood.

Perhaps because he has already won countless awards during his impressive career, the 82-year-old actor doesn’t feel compelled to bend the knee to feral “woke” mobs.

And that’s a great thing: Movies and TV shows should not be vehicles for brainwashing the public with destructive left-wing propaganda.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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