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Watch: Viral Video Demonstrates Depressing State of 'Modern Dating'

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The bill of goods that society has sold single women for the last few decades is coming back to haunt them. Convinced at ages when they were too young and stupid to know better, women bought into a scam called feminism.

Feminism framed the best parts of life — namely, children, family, a loving husband and a stable home — as burdens. Mission-based and targeting women too young to know any better, feminism stole from women real power, real safety and real choice.

The entire movement capitalized on weak egos and female insecurity. Instead of looking at these and solving the actual problems, women blamed men, as society instructed them to do — not for the reasons they were being told, but for reasons that enhanced society’s widespread control. Had they realized the misery that would have come of this, most certainly would have stopped.

Women flogged, steamrolled and beat men to a pulp. They broke their spirits and tried to rid them of all masculinity. Then they gave as many as they could a lobotomy, so the entire species would forget who they were. I’m not going to say that they feminized them, because that would be an enormous insult to femininity. They simply turned men into the worst version of themselves.

Men who refused to pander were ganged up on and accused of promoting toxic masculinity. They were labeled hypermasculine, brutish and outdated while the agreeable, docile, metrosexual suddenly became revered.

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Single women are now bearing the consequences of their accomplishments. Their handiwork has come back to roost, leaving their lives empty and their eggs cold and old.

A recent video shared on X has captured the new reality of dating for single women and men. The video compares what dating used to look like versus what it looks like today, in the wake of feminism and with the help of smartphones and dating apps. The video has been viewed over 5 million times already.

Many are calling it dystopian. Others, quite sad. The honesty of the portrayal has caught viewers off-guard, highlighting the stark reality of how feminism and technology have done more to isolate people than bring them together. It’s an especially sad commentary on modern male-female dynamics.

The video is set in the mid-80s. “Every Breath You Take” by British rock band The Police is playing in the background. The scene shows a young man sitting by himself in a diner. He is well-dressed and rather handsome. He spots a very pretty, wholesome-looking young woman in the distance. She is sitting with a friend, chatting. The young man musters up the courage to approach her. He compliments her, then says he’d like to take her out. She responds warmly. The young man returns to his seat with her number scribbled on a piece of paper. He is overjoyed and visibly proud of himself.

The scene quickly segues to the way that same situation is carried out today. The background music slows. In fact, it begins to drag, matching the darkened, shadowy room in which the young man sits. Smartphone in hand, he proceeds to swipe on an array of female profiles posted to a dating app — one, then another, then another.

The dichotomy between then and now is dramatic. No wonder it is causing such a stir, driving people to lament over the unforeseen repercussions that have already come to pass and will continue, including the falling-away of marriage and declining birth rates in the United States.

A follow-up post on the same social media account cites a study of “How Couples Meet in the U.S.” accompanied by an alarming graph.

It shows the number of people who met through friends, family, school, work or at bars holding steady until the 21st century, when the numbers for those categories plummet to near zero. Meanwhile, the number of people who say they met online climbs steadily after the 1980s and shoots upward to near-vertical by 2020.

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What women have turned men into is now exactly where they are comfortable. Most will no longer go the extra mile to pursue a woman. Some won’t even go at all, preferring to stay home and watch porn. Sick of the aggravation, men have found a solution while swearing off dating altogether. This has given rise to porn consumption as well as a counter-movement to feminism called MGTOW: “Men Going Their Own Way.”

It’s a response that could result in the finality of the species. They’d rather allow the entire human race to die off than put up with any more crap from women. That is how angry and disillusioned they are with the opposite sex.

Those who remain in the game are doing so with minimal effort.

Has modern dating become a nightmare?

According to the post on X, the discrepancy between men finding dates through apps as compared to any other way is huge. It shows that the vast majority of people are dating primarily online. Approaching a girl while eating a sandwich at a diner just isn’t happening anymore. With that goes romance and the good meet-cute story.

This represents just another way society has traded ease and convenience for health and welfare.

The reality is that men need to be listened to by women, which is exactly what hasn’t been happening since feminism began. I’m convinced much of today’s female culture has no clue who men are because they’ve spent their entire lives telling men who they are as opposed to listening to them. Now they are crying that they are lonely, worried that they won’t ever get married or have families. This is while women who are confident in their own identity and femininity aren’t having such problems.

Efforts to diminish and overpower men — while screaming you don’t need them at every turn — hardly goes unnoticed. In this case, it led to winning the battle and losing the war.

On either side, stands only one. It is the loneliest number — always.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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