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WATCH: Wild Wisconsin UFO Encounter Filmed by Multiple Witnesses

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The US government’s recent decision to begin disclosing their knowledge on the subject of UFO’s and UAP’s isn’t merely a retroactive act of transparency.  It is, in fact, a decision that brings the once-fringe subject to the forefront of the American psyche in a mainstream way.

No longer are UFO witnesses automatically imbued with some kooky stigma.  Instead, they are just new witnesses, just like those within our own military who’ve had incredible and physics-defying experiences made public in the not-so-distant past.

And so, instead of shying away from sharing these encounters, we now find ourselves in an age where multiple witnesses are coming forward for a single event…such as the wild sighting in the skies over the Cheese State this week.

Several different individuals in Wisconsin captured footage of a puzzling cluster of lights that darted through the night sky in a rather bizarre fashion. The intriguing incident reportedly occurred earlier this month when multiple people living north of Milwaukee noticed the weird UFOs overhead. One witness, who has been identified only as Kimberly, recalled seeing what she initially thought was a white owl swooping over her car as she and her husband were driving on a rural road. The mysterious object then performed the same maneuver three more times, which led them to muse “what the heck is going on here?”

The behavior of these lights was truly odd.

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They subsequently spotted a curious cluster of lights (seen in the third clip above) that seemingly emerged out of thin air, scattered across the sky, and then appeared to hover in formation over the ground. “We just couldn’t wrap our heads around what we were seeing,” Kimberly marveled, “there was no sound to it. It was a pretty clear and normal Wisconsin night without any crazy weather.” Amazingly, the couple were not the only people taken aback by the bizarre objects as other witnesses in nearby towns also filmed the mysterious lights, though from altogether different angles, including one instance in which they appear to accelerate through the sky at an incredible speed.

Some skeptics have suggested that the lights may have had an earthly origin, having been cast into the sky as opposed to flying around it.

You can judge for yourself in the video below:


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