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WEALTH WAR: Biden Seeks $80 Billion for IRS to Target Tax Avoiders

But is this just pandering to ‘the Squad’?



For Joe Biden to have any chance at being elected in 2020, the Democratic Party knew that they would need the support of the radical left within the party – namely the “squad” types whose progressive policies allowed Bernie Sanders to be a close runner-up for the party nomination these last two elections.

And so, as Biden ascended to the Oval Office, he began paying back these ultra-liberal supporters by injecting their agenda hopes into a number of directives – even if they weren’t all that related to begin with.  For instance, Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to gain traction among the radical left by tying climate change to the immigration; the former being a high priority for the progressives, and the latter being a far touchier subject.

Now Biden is looking to continue this streak of appealing to AOC et all by targeting the wealthiest Americans among us, first with a possible wealth tax, and now with direct action from the IRS.

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President Biden wants to give the IRS an extra $80 billion to target mega-rich tax evaders to help fund his “American Families Plan” legislation, according to a report Tuesday.

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The proposed cash would come with new powers to aggressively crack down on wealthy people hiding money from the government, including new disclosure requirements, two sources told the New York Times.

The $80 billion would be a two-thirds increase over the agency’s entire funding levels for the past decade — but is hoped to raise at least $700 billion on net over 10 years, the report said.

As with his plan to raise the capital gains tax, Biden will portray it as leveling the playing field between typical Americans and the small number of very high earners who minimize or avoid paying taxes, the report said.

Experts have suggested that IRS enforcement is a worthy investment however, with an average of $10 in return for every $1 spent on the practice.


Andrew Cuomo Should Win The Political Darwin Award

Heck, he should probably get a lifetime achievement Darwin Award based on his handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic.



If there is ever a Darwin Award for politicians New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just earned himself the award—heck, he should probably get a lifetime achievement Darwin Award based on his handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic. The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human gene pool by honoring those who achieve the pinnacle of stupidity by accidentally and spectacularly killing themselves most spectacularly. Like the guy who approached the open drawbridge in Louisiana, “lifted up the arm of the safety gate, then get back in while the driver backed up a bit and accelerated hard over the dra-bridge edge.” The car did not make it. The driver and passenger drowned as the car sank into the bayou. They received the award because “You cannot live long if the road’s IQ is higher than your own. In this IQ test, our Double Darwin winners failed; indeed, they set a new low. Because these Texas Men–unlike the Blues Brothers–lacked “Cop Tires. Cop Engine. Cop Suspension, and a Mission From God.” A political version of the Darwin Awards would not involve the death of the winner but would be given to the politician who says the most imbecilic tone-deaf statement at the worst possible time. Based on his latest statements, New York’s ‘Luv Guv” Andrew Cuomo should receive a lifetime achievement Darwin Award. Cuomo has been in trouble thanks to sexual harassment charges and, most importantly, his COVID-19 executive order that lead to the death of thousands of senior citizens earning him the Twitter hashtag #CuomoKilledGrandma. When concerns regarding the nursing home deaths resulting from his order, the Luv Guv made some awful tone-deaf statements, perhaps the worst of which happened in May 2020. A reporter asked, “What would you say to families who have suffered losses inside nursing homes? His callous…

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VIDEO: Conservative Icon Tears Through 30 Pushups to Teach Reporter a Lesson

He’s still got it!



There has been no shortage of concerns over the health of our elected officials as of late, and with good reason.  We keep electing septuagenarians who aren’t exactly the perfect specimen of physical or mental health. And so, far too often, we hear these elder statesmen ragging on one another’s condition.  During the 2016 election, we had to watch the painful and frankly scary behavior of Hillary Clinton, who was in continual denial about whatever affliction she was dealing with at the time.  In 2020, it was Donald Trump and Joe Biden arguing back and forth over their stamina and physical aptitude.  At one point, Biden even suggested that he would drop and give us several pushups in the middle of a debate if Trump would be willing to match him. That potentially hilarious incident never occurred, (maybe thankfully, in order to save our nation from that embarrassment), but these feats of strength remain out there, in the ether, just waiting for some poor sap to take the bait. A reporter in Texas was almost that sap this week. Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, a 60-year-old former Army lieutenant colonel, did 30 pushups at a press conference outside the state capitol on Wednesday. The pushups occurred near the end of the event, which was to discuss the state’s new abortion and anti-transgender bills. West initially challenged a CBS Austin reporter who showed up late to the event to do 30 pushups in order to make up for his tardiness. After the journalist declined, West did the pushups himself. The crowd counted along and then cheered after he completed them in roughly 22 seconds. Video of the incident shows that West has still got it. West has long been an icon in the conservative world, and there is little doubt that this…

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