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Weeks After NC Attack, More Power Substations Damaged by 'Vandals'

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With our nation seemingly on the verge of some sort of serious internal conflict, there have been a number of strange instances of “intentional vandalism” occurring from coast to coast, leading many to believe that a grand culture war may be under way.

For many of us, our first exposure to the situation come weeks ago from Marion County, North Carolina, where three electrical grid substations were “intentionally vandalized”, cutting power to 40,000+ residents for several days.  The “vandalism” was very much an attack, however, with a number of rifle rounds found buried into the equipment.

Now, clear across the country, it’s happening again.

Three power substations in the Tacoma, Washington, area were vandalized Sunday, knocking out power to around 14,000 customers, police said.

The first substation, located in Spanaway, Washington, and belonging to Tacoma Public Utilities, was attacked around 5:30 a.m. local time, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Nothing was stolen, but equipment was vandalized, leading to outages in the area, police said.

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A second nearby TPU substation was also vandalized, police said.

A substation belonging to Puget Sound Energy was also vandalized sometime in the early morning, police said. Power went around 2:30 a.m. local time. Police were notified around 11:30 a.m., and when they arrived on the scene, they found “the fenced area was broken into and the equipment vandalized,” similar to the other two substations.

And, just like in North Carolina, police appear to be stumped for the time being.

No suspects are in custody and it was not immediately clear if all three substations were vandalized by the same person or people or if the attacks are related.

No motivation or suspects have been identified in the North Carolina attacks either, leaving authorities to wonder if this was the work of a copycat or an organized attack on the US power grid being coordinated in some clandestine manner.

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