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'Weirdos' at Mediaite Lose Their Minds Over Harmless Video Trump Posted About How to Caucus

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It must hurt to be this stupid.

The liberal website Mediaite — a gossipy gasbag of leftist cant — decided it was worthy of a whole news story that former President Donald Trump had released an informational cartoon about how to turn out for the Iowa caucuses.

Being liberals, Mediaite decided the entire focus was on cartoon genitalia. But being liberals, the site might not have been prepared for the backlash.

The video Trump published on the Truth Social platform is below. It’s worth a couple of minutes to look at, if only for Americans — inside and outside Iowa — who don’t really know how this whole caucusing thing actually works:

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The focus of Mediaite’s story about the post isn’t really in dispute. It’s right there in the headline:

“Trump Tells Fans To Vote For Him ‘On Martin Luther King Day’ — With Help From Weird Naked Genital-Free Cartoon Dude.”

First, note the scare quotes around “On Martin Luther King Day.”

Maybe Mediaite was subtly implying that Trump had no business using a day dedicated to a major black American’s legacy to drum up support?

Is the establishment media focused on the wrong things?

Or maybe it was an even more subtle way of pointing out Trump should have said “Martin Luther King Jr. Day.”

(Every enlightened liberal knows it’s MLK Jr. A guy who forgets the “Jr.” probably mixes up Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, too.)

Whatever the specifics, the aim was clearly to make Trump look to be in the wrong from the get-go.

And then there was the lede:

“Former President Donald Trump posted a bonkers video instructing fans how to vote for him ‘on Martin Luther King Day’ — which included an assist from blobby white cartoon nudist ‘Marlon.'”

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Anyone who took the time to look at the video above would probably be wondering what exactly was “bonkers” about it — it’s actually pretty useful.

The next question might be why Mediaite was describing a completely anodyne, colorless figure, obviously meant to represent Everyman (and Everywoman) as a “blobby white cartoon nudist.”

And here’s where the problem really is. Normal people simply don’t automatically look between the legs of cartoon figures in public service announcements to scope out sexual equipment.

In fact, it’s so abnormal, that the preceding sentence might be the first time in the English language that any writer felt it necessary to point out that, “Normal people simply don’t automatically look between the legs of cartoon figures in public service announcements.”

But in the United States in 2024, anything is possible for the left when it comes to a chance to bash Donald J. Trump.

And naturally, when the Mediaite post was published on the social media platform X, there were quite a few responses mocking Trump — apparently from the Democratic Socialists of America’s middle school division.

But there were many, many from sane users who pointed out that the whole exercise said a lot more about Mediaite than it did about Donald Trump:

“Love when weirdos out themselves,” one user wrote.

“Why are you obsessed with genitalia? Weird take,” wrote another.

That’s an understatement. Cartoon characters are … how to put this clearly … — cartoon characters. There is zero reason they need to be anatomically correct in any context — much less in a civics lesson like how to participate in a political caucus.

Yogi Bear, despite every other anthropomorphic behavior imaginable, doesn’t wear pants (and lacks genitalia). Ditto, and probably more famously, for Winnie the Pooh.

(In the Mediaite view, the fact that both characters sport upper body wear such as shirts and pork-pie hats should just make the naked nether regions more scandalous.)

Besides, in the age of militant transgender activists, how is Mediaite so sure it’s a “dude” we’re talking about?

And here’s the big question:

The answer to that is easy enough. If leftists have proved anything in the years since Donald Trump rode down that escalator to declare for the presidency, it’s that they have no shame.

They spent years, countless column inches of Pulitzer Prize-winning newsprint, endless hours of television talk time and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars pretending a “Russia collusion” scandal existed when it didn’t.

They’ve corrupted the upper echelons of once-trusted institutions like the FBI and the Justice Department, and they’ve proven that even the sacred American tradition of deciding political questions at the polling booth is subject to the whims of Democratic state Supreme Court justices and ambitious bureaucratic hacks.

They’ve demonstrated, over and over and over again, that they will stop at nothing when it comes to stopping Donald Trump — or anyone else who stands in their way.

And that isn’t stupid, it’s plain evil. And it’s hurting the rest of us too much already.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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