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Wendy's Found Out IHop Changing to IHOB to Sell Burgers, Totally Obliterates Them on Twitter

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With the state of American politics and culture in a constant state of turmoil, sometimes you need to just take a step back and smell the burgers. Yes, that’s a lame dad joke that will make way more sense in just a few moments. Anyway, sometimes you just need to read something light and fun.

So it turns out that IHOP is changing their name to IHOB in order to sell burgers at their world famous pancake restaurants, a move that is surprising to some, worrisome to others.

One company that isn’t breaking a sweat over the ordeal is Wendy’s, who has become infamous for the epic burns they deliver to their competitors and random strangers on social media platform Twitter.

The burger joint now has IHOB in their sights. Check this out.

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Of course others had to jump on the bandwagon too.

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Whoever runs the Wendy’s account absolutely deserves a raise. No doubt about it.

Source: Twitchy

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