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What? Baseball’s Jose Canseco Now Claiming He’s Running for President?

The baseball star’s tweet has piqued the interest of several analysts.



Jose Canseco

Oh, brother. This is all we need. Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco thinks he is going to become our next president.

That is the one problem with having a President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. He made running for president look too easy. Now just every crank thinks he should run for president.

The former Oakland Athletics star announced on Twitter that he is thinking of running for the nation’s top office.

Yahoo Sports writer Mark Townsend noted that “404-40” guys are far more uncommon than than new presidents:

The answer is four 40-40 seasons.

That’s it. In the entire history of MLB, only four players have hit 40 home runs and stolen 40 bases in one season.

Canseco posted the very first 40-40 season back in 1988, which is the same year George H.W. Bush was elected president. Since then, Barry Bonds (1996), Alex Rodriguez (1998) and Alfonso Soriano (2006) have added their names to that exclusive list.

During that same time period, the United States has elected four different presidents. So even the smallest sample sizes suggests you’re more likely to be voted president than post a 40-40-season. And that’s not even taking into the account the 40-40 seasons that may or may not have been chemically aided.

Granted we probably won’t have to worry about a President Canseco any time soon.

But Trump sure did throw a monkey wrench in the “presidenting” game. He made it look way, way too easy.

We can look at the Democrats to see that, too. How many of them are running? Like 30 of them??

Worse, we have losers like John Kasich and Jeff Flake thinking they have the stuff for the Oval Office, too.

Those mopes couldn’t win election as dog catcher in the post Trump era.

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