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What Joy Reid's Blog Published About Jews and Terrorism is Absolutely Appalling

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MSNBC host Joy Reid, who has been in a lot of hot water over the last few months thanks to racist blog posts that were unearthed on her website, is about to get hammered once again, this time for anti-Semitism.

A post has been discovered on her site that promotes the wild and unfounded conspiracy theory that “Jewish jihadists” are the root cause of radical Islamic terrorism. Think about this for a moment.

Reid is blaming the murder of countless numbers of Jews by religious zealots who see the extinction of these people as part of their mission from “god,” on them, the victims, even going so far as to call them “jihadis.”

Deplorable to the max.

Screenshots from a post dated July 21, 2006, show that “JReid” blamed Jews in Israel for Islamic terrorism and appeared to go as far as justifying terrorism against Israel. The post states:

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The bottom line now is the same as it has always been: you cannot kill enough of your enemies to make the people of the Muslim world accept, respect, or permit themselves to be dominated by you. Eventually, the occupied will get even. Eventually, the people you consider terrorists will fight you hard enough, and long enough, that the people they say they are fighting for believe them, far more than they believe you. And then the people you’re bombing in the name of fighting terrorism, will hate you so much, they’ll take up arms with your “terrorists” — or look the other way as they move in next door — in order to see harm done to you.

Reid continued by saying that terrorism is not a simple “black and white equation,” but rather a symptom of a disease that is “transmitted by colonialism, resource greed, racism, (and Zionism)…” It is not clear why Reid wrote “and Zionism” in parenthesis.

Reid later made a highly inflammatory statement about the Jewish people, writing: “…the Jewish jihadists quit the U.S. to suit up in Tel Aviv…”

Is that not just completely and utterly despicable? However, despite the wickedness of this point of view, it’s hardly surprising given how much the left seems to hate Jewish people.

They are constantly slamming Israel for defending themselves against radical terrorism, believing them to be imperialists and colonialists of some sort, occupying land that isn’t theirs.

The ignorance is truly staggering.

The question that remains is why, in light of these recent developments, is Reid still employed by MSNBC? Roseanne Barr was fired for much less.

Source: The Daily Wire

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