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What Louisiana Cajun Navy Does for South Carolina Boy Scouts Who Had Supplies Stolen is Pure Class

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A trailer containing camping supplies for a Gilbert Boy Scout troop was reported stolen last weekend, but thanks to members of the Cajun Navy, this tragedy is turning into a shining example of how much good is still left in the world today.

According to news reports, the trailer contained all the equipment for Troop 60’s upcoming camping trip, which means without this particular gear, the event was going to be cancelled and a whole lot of boys were going to be heartbroken.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

“This [equipment] allows our boys to do the good work that they do. You see us leading parades. You see us doing services projects, but this is what lets them go to camp. We don’t have pre-established tents or cabins when we get there. We pick up and put up everything that we stay in that weekend and take it down and take it home with us. So, it really affects our boys. This hurts them and it also hurts the community, because the community is what supports us,” Gilbert Boy Scout Troop 60 Scout Master Tom Wirzburger said.

But their ability to go camping is no longer a concern since the Cajun Navy stepped in.

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“So the Boy Scouts Troop 60 had all their gear and trailer stolen by someone without a heart…so we are re-suppying them!” the crew said on their Facebook page.

It’s important to see stories like this one because it’s a reminder of the fact that as dark and divided as our nation is right now, there are still plenty of examples of goodness shining bright.

Source: WISTV

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