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What This Former Obama Official Running for Congress Wrote About the U.S. Response to 9/11 Should Disqualify Her From the Race

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Lauren Baer, a former Obama administration official running for Congress in Florida recently wrote up an article calling the United States’ response to 9/11 a “moment of hypocrisy.”

This is the kind of person the left just absolutely adores, because you just can’t be a Democrat without hating your own country.

Lauren Baer, who worked for the State Department under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, also criticized the country’s “shameful history” while hoping the attack, which killed nearly 3,000 people, would make America more “humble and humane.”

Baer, a Democrat, is now running for Congress in Florida’s 18th District against incumbent U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, a Republican. The district is along the state’s Atlantic coast, north of Miami.

But Baer has not received an endorsement from former President Barack Obama, who has opted against endorsing any Democratic candidates in Florida this year.

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Baer’s writings came during her years at Harvard University, when she worked for the Harvard Crimson, a student-run publication. Her column titled “From Hypocrisy to Humanity” appeared Oct. 10, 2001 – just a month after the attacks.

“Some people speak of wanting an America to emerge from these events that is stronger and more proud,” Baer wrote. “I wish to see an America emerge that is humbler and more humane.”

She then wrote that America had a “shameful history” when it comes to standing up for its values.

“At the same time that America calls on the world to ardently preserve our sacred values, it must live up to a shameful history of having so rarely stood up for those values itself,” the now-Democratic candidate wrote.

“By the rhetoric of an attack on American values anywhere being an attack on security everywhere, they should have warranted a meaningful U.S. response,” Baer wrote. “But the U.S. response to these atrocities was meager, if it existed at all.”

This kind of thing should disqualify someone from running for office, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. On the flip side, perhaps her comments will stir up folks enough to vote against her and send a message to her that they don’t want freedom haters to represent them in Congress.

The way we responded to 9/11 was the right thing to do. Justice needed to be served and these terrorist groups needed a firm boot up the backside, which is precisely what we gave them.

Perhaps one day Baer will learn what it means to truly love your country.

Source: Fox News

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