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When He Hears His Granddaughter Start To Sing, He Bursts Into Tears. Watch This, and You May Too

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It’s always touching when families get to pass down their passions and talents to the next generation. Some family members inspire a love of special hobbies, skills, or even knowledge that could give them a boost in their careers.

In the case of one grandpa, the love of music he passed on to his granddaughter manifested itself in an incredibly beautiful way.

Chera Willett was cleaning out her garage one day when she and her husband stumbled upon a box of papers. Inside, Chera found something that made her heart skip a beat: the lyrics her dad, Mike Brook, wrote to a song many, many years ago.

Brook, according to The Western Journal, had wanted to join the army when he was 21, but he’d been held back due to injuries from playing football and partial deafness.

Into the 1980s, Brook had heard many incredible stories about veterans of the Vietnam War. Inspired by their heroism, he fashioned their experiences into a beautiful song Chera remembers him singing to her as a child.

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“To us, it is a childhood memory of my dad putting his heart into the lyrics of a song and crying as he sang it,” Chera said of her tearjerking discovery. Chera then had the idea to turn this special memory into a beautiful gift for her dad.

Chera’s daughter, Karli Willett, takes after her grandpa Mike in the music department. As a fledgling singer-songwriter, Chera thought her daughter would be the perfect person to breathe new life into Mike’s lyrics.

“My daughter being a singer and songwriter, I immediately had the idea to finish the song and record it as a surprise for Christmas for my Dad,” Chera recalled. “It was a precious moment.”

In a Facebook post sharing her side of the story, Karli recalled the excitement of getting to cover a song that meant so much to her family.

“My Paw Paw wrote a song wayyyyyy before I was born. He wrote this when my mom was a little girl,” the young musician wrote. “My mom broke down in tears as she remembered the song. For Christmas I decided to surprise my Paw Paw and record his song.”

“This meant so much to me,” Karli continued in her post, sharing in her grandpa’s spirit of honoring those who have served. “This is a story told about a Vietnam Veteran. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETERANS!!”

So, on Christmas Eve, Chera and Karli had made all the finishing touches and perfected a recording of Mike’s song to surprise him with. As they began to play the recording, Mike’s face absolutely lit up with joy upon hearing the first few lyrics to his song.

“This is a simple home recording and I hope it touches your heart the way it has mine,” Karli wrote, wrapping up her Facebook post about the patriotic song.

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Chera and Karli’s love for “Paw Paw”, as well as the whole family’s honor and appreciation of the brave men and women who have given their lives for freedom, definitely have touched our hearts.

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