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When You See What The Government Spent a Quarter of a Million Dollars Studying, It'll Make You Weep

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It’s no secret that the government’s super power is finding creative new ways to waste our tax dollars, but sometimes, the way they use our hard earned money — which they gleefully deduct from our checks before we even see it — is so stupid, so immoral, and so egregiously ridiculous that it simply blows the mind.

A new report has revealed that the U.S. government has used up a quarter of a million dollars on a study to find out if people like having sex with condoms.

Yes, this is for real.

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health, a grant for $347,176 dollars (and counting) went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a project that studies different types of contraception, their rates of use, and couples’ satisfaction with their preferred method of birth control over the course of a year. The study is supposed to provide results that will help manufacturers better market those contraceptives couples don’t mind using in order to promote childlessness.

“High rates of contraceptive dissatisfaction, switching, and discontinuation in the U.S. demand new approaches to contraceptive acceptability and promotion,” the project’s grant says. “Behavioral models of contraceptive use have failed to address sexuality, even though contraception is designed for sexual activity.”

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“The proposal catalyzes a patient-centered approach to contraception that has the potential to improve women’s experiences with their methods,” the grant continues, according to WFB. “Research from this program could ultimately be used to help match women with the method(s) they will find the most sexually acceptable—methods they will like and use—thereby helping women fully realize the social, economic, and health benefits of contraception.”

In other words, the University would ultimately like to make the argument that childlessness has plenty of “social, economic, and health benefits,” but researchers — and “reproductive health experts” — are concerned that people simply give up on birth control and have children not because they want to surround themselves with a loving family, but because it’s just not fun to have sex with a condom on.

This is the sort of thing that makes you want to yank your hair out, as it is simply beyond human comprehension why anyone in their right mind would sign off on the usage of tax dollars for something this stupid.

It’s obscene, absurd, and everything in between.

This is why, if we’re going to leave the whole income tax thing in the Constitution — we shouldn’t by the way, as it’s morally wrong to take someone’s hard earned money — we the people paying taxes, should have some sort of say in how they are spent. Apparently those we elect to office aren’t bright enough to do the job right, so it should be up to us to figure it out.

Source: The Daily Wire

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