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When You See Who's Managing Panama City, Florida in Devastating Wake of Hurricane Michael, Your Heart Will Swell With Pride

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Panama City, Florida was absolutely devastated by Hurricane Michael, a category four storm that left a wide path of destruction all over the city. Almost all of the city’s water, sewer, electric and cell services were wiped out. No doubt when this horrific natural disaster unfolded, many folks wondered who was going to step up and help them rebuild. Who would get their city back on track?

Well, it seems the citizens of Panama City are in good hands.

Maj. Gen. Mark McQueen just recently retired from the Army, having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and has now started his job as city manager.

Despite McQueen having no municipal experience and having been on the job only two weeks, city leaders said the two-star general is exactly the man they need for the long recovery ahead.

“I believe the Lord sent him,” Panama City Commissioner Billy Rader said. “God knew this was going to happen before we did.”

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McQueen, 58, was a rare choice when commissioners picked him out of a candidate pool of 80 people, and not just because his experience was from the military.

When McQueen accepted the job six months ago, he asked the commission for a grace period to wrap up his military service and end his a civilian job as a church’s business administrator. There was another pressing matter, too.

“There was a gentleman who needed a kidney,” he said casually.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. McQueen not only retired from the military, started a brand spanking new job, and organized one of the largest hurricane responses since Katrina, but he also saved a man’s life — a stranger — by donating his kidney.

If Captain America were real, it seems highly likely he’d be Mark McQueen.

“What am I going to do for the second half of the game, the game of my life to contribute, to give back, to secure victory, to get the win?” he told the Panama City News Herald. “I want to commit myself to that life of continuing to be a service leader, to being one who is giving back to the community. I am standing before you today not only because of the great opportunities I have had in my civilian career but also my military, and I was able to have that military career right here in Panama City and become a senior leader in the United States Army because of the investment this community made in me. It’s my time to give back to this community.”

We’re at a time in our nation where true blue American heroes are in extremely short supply, which is what makes McQueen’s actions so important. We need to spread this story around, show people there’s still good in the world, right here in our own backyards.

Source: Fox News

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