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White House Forced to Make Abrupt PR Change as Biden Polling Tanks

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The only thing worse than Joe Biden’s job performance of late has been his marketing team’s performance, that’s for sure.

The White House has been up to its neck in controversy of late, and the President has squandered nearly every opportunity he’s had to change that.  His approval numbers are tanking, the Democratic Party is ready to send him packing before 2024, and the GOP appears ready to pounce.

This is now forcing the White House to make some desperate changes.

The White House is planning a new communications strategy, as President Joe Biden faces a total collapse of his approval ratings.

Citing “senior administration officials,” NBC News reported Tuesday the White House is exploring new ways to communicate directly with the American people.

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Advisers expressed the need for Biden to “talk to more people directly,” instead of “one-dimensional” speeches from the White House, the report revealed, citing “his greatest political strength” as “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.”

Biden has insisted that he’ll be running for reelection in 2024, but, given what we’ve seen thus far, perhaps we shouldn’t expect him to win the Democratic nomination.

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