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White House Mum on Hunter Biden, Burisma FOIA Requests

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If there is one thing that Americans simply detest about their elected leaders, it is the idea that they would use their status or office to enrich themselves and their families.

The reality of political nepotism is that it defeats the very purpose of public service.  These are folks in cushy positions who were appointed by we the people to work for us.  By warping their mission in Washington DC to pad their bank accounts, they are directly eschewing their duty to this great nation.

In the Biden family, there has long been talk of just how Hunter, son of the President, fits into his father’s international business dealings.  His appointment to the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company is just one curious example, given that Hunter has no known experience in that particular field.

Now, as a number of groups look to receive more information regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma, there are concerns that the White House may attempt to block their probes.

A legal group staffed by former members of the Trump administration says that if President Biden blocks the release of documents that may contain information on Hunter Biden’s relationship with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, “he will have only proven just how much he has to hide.”

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America First Legal is one of several groups who have filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking Obama-era documents that reference “Burisma.” The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is set to release nearly 300 emails that match the request, but the White House may stop the release of these records by invoking executive privilege.

The White House has refused to say whether Biden intends to do so, but AFL president Stephen Miller, a former advisor and speechwriter for President Trump, issued a warning shot to the administration Saturday, threatening legal action to go after those records.

Miller wasn’t mincing his words.

“America First Legal launched the request for these National Archive records, and is now suing in federal court to obtain them, in order to fight public corruption of the highest order. Influence peddling for cash threatens our national security, allows foreign adversaries to extort our leaders, and undermines all public faith and confidence in government. And, in many cases, it is criminal,” Miller told Fox News Digital.

Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” scandal appeared to reveal his father’s involvement with a number of Hunter’s business partners, blowing a hole in President Biden’s repeated assertions that he has remained at an arm’s length.

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